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sorry i mean 10-24-2008 still wakeing up

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correction purchase date 10 24 10

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On the date of 10/24/11

I purchased a living room set from Ashley Furniture .The set consisted of ,A couch and love seat, 2 end tables ,one soft table.I thought I was buying a quality product

The couch and love seat of made of a material called DURA/BLEND. This material was said to be a leather,synthetic blend. I was told by Ashley that this was more durable then leather,and not as hot in the summer,Also better than leather .I was lead to believe .Well today's date 11/12/11. The couch is peeling every ware you sit .I bought an extended warranty .Guess what the warranty dose not cover PEELING ,What a joke. So now I am stuck with a couch and love seat that s ready for the garbage man.Two of the end tables , paint is coming off.What did they use Water paint ?? As for the local the local ,this is not there fault .I am not blaming them.The local store is forced to buy there furniture from Ashley Warehouse.All of there furniture come from here

Ashley Home Stores, Ltd. | One Ashley Way | Arcadia, WI 54612

The local store was kind enough to offer me 30 percent a new set.The ASHLEY CORPORATION has not helped me ,and I suspect well to continue to run and hide.Any body looking for furniture??

Well maybe you now know, where not to make your purchase.

Johnny L. Droid bionic

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Jun 28 Tallahassee, Florida

I have a Ashley Durablend living room set that my husband and I purchased about 3 years ago. It is peeling so ridiculously that I am embarrassed to have company over at this point. I just said to my husband today, we are going to have to buy new furniture. I decided to look up the issue to see if anyone else was experiencing something similar. "More durable than leather." Wish I'd known they were lying. Also wish there was an emoticon that showed money being flushed down the toilet...because I'd input it {here}.

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Jun 29

Yep this all sounds so familiar. Ours started peeling about 14 months after buying it. So frustrating because it's embarrassing for company to look at. This wasn't a cheap purchase by any means and at this point we couldn't even sell it on craigslist for $20! We can't justify buying something new since we bought this one less than 3 years ago! We'd have been better off buying something cheap at least it would be replaceable.

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May 14

Please contact me if you would like to join a class action lawsuit! I am collecting people's DuraBlend stories and will provide to my friend who is a class action attorney. These things are junk! DuraBle, yeah right.

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Jun 24 Anaheim, California

I too bought a Durablend love seat and sofa. My less than 2 years and my love seat is peeling all over and looks terrible. I have to cover it with a sheet. I am very disappointed as I though couches were supposed to last more than 2 years. Especially coming from Ashley. I have emailed a complaint to the company and am waiting for a response. I didn't purchase a warranty, but still my couch should last longer than 2 years. It's not like they can't afford to replace it. I know I can't. Very Disappointed!

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Nov 07

I'd be interested...

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Nov 15 Phenix City, Alabama

Had same experience couch and loveseat look like its made with trash bags 1500 for it it is ridiculous

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Apr 07 Culpeper, Virginia

I bought a love seat and sofa from Ashley and like mentioned above, my cushions are peeling. But besides the cushions everything else looks good no wear or tear. I have a light cream tile and I constantly have to sweep after guest come over because the paint peels sooooo much :-( looking for a new cushions with the similar color

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Mar 01 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I guess I am a very fortunate person. I have a DuraBlend blended leather sofa and Love seat with 4 recliner's total the past 3 years now. I don't have any young children. I often thought, this sofa will last forever. My sofa cushions are more firm then most. I know now to be careful with it after reading all your posts. But, I'm looking at it right now. It looks like new. I curl up on it with my down comforter watch TV even sleep on in off and on. The sofa wears like iron. I got it at a discount furniture store...Darro's they have since went out of business. I do believe this sofa will last for many years to come. Perhaps it's not made by Ashly. Warranty information ....Signature Design The warranty on materials only 1 year anyhow. I paid 1,300 for mine. As is product on the floor due to close out sale. I lucked I suppose.

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Feb 28 Tacoma, Washington

Your fault for being a *** and not understanding the difference between fake leather and top grain. Here's an example of your stupidity. A no-name genuine leather wallet costs upwards of $100. So do you think a real leather couch, which uses 1000+ times the material, would only be $1500? Retarded much? Countless people sit on my couches and ask how can they get theirs to be this soft and supple and I tell them to throw their plastic, because it is a plastic coating, couch in the garbage and spend some real money. I bet they told you clearly that this is a bonded or by-cast leather couch. If you are to poor, which you obviously are if you bought this couch, to afford the $10,000 price tag for a top grain leather or full grain leather couch and the $20-25,000 price tag for the set then buy a fabric couch and stop living in a fantasy world. No one to blame but yourself for being a retard.

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Mar 01 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr Retard,
You are as you put it the ***. I have a DuraBlended fabric sofa that is very durable and beautiful. Obviously, the product blending went wrong. She needs a replacement. I think you are very out of line in your comments.
Wanting a product to last is not living in a fantasy world.
But, you are what you are

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Dec 09, 2013

Although I'd researched well and was up to date (at least I thought i was) on various types of leather and leather-like materials prior to my recent trip to the local store, I ended up purchasing 2 Durablend reclining love seats with console from Ashley's. That was mostly due to the clever sales pitch - not leather, totally synthetic but better performance than leather - and I fell for it (plus it was more affordable). When the first one was delivered it came with a slight damage to the middle console, delivery guys tried to wipe it off with a chemical - and it started showing off more of the damage. They stopped and promised to get me a replacement. But then I got wiser (finally) and checked online reviews again - this time specifically about Durablend. The store's salesperson agreed for an exchange although he pointed out that only reviews you see online are the 'bad' ones. I think he has a point but scores of forums/websites dedicated against Ashley's and in particular against Durablend tells another story that needs to be shared. Thanks for the reviews, they helped me to make a wiser decision.
I used the furniture for a week or so - it is quite thin, feels slippery, and cold. Not too pleased with the comfort of the design or the functioning of the recline. I own fabric and microfiber furniture pieces from Ashley. They are not too classy but functional even after 7 years. Never had to deal with Ashley's customer service (fortunately) so I don't have an experience
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Dec 01, 2013 Blacksburg, South Carolina

I just purchased (put them on layaway) a durablend sofa & loveseat. I decided I wanted to know how well this fabric holds up. I'm so glad I read these reviews, I'm canceling first thing in the morning. Thanks

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Nov 05, 2013

Durablend is JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset

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Oct 26, 2013 Regina, Saskatchewan

Thank goodness I read the reviews of the Durablend product. I was about to buy a recliner covered with this material. I won't be buying it now!

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Sep 28, 2013 Houston, Texas

Their furniture does not come from Wisconsin. It comes from China. Many times you will see the same furniture sold under the Crown Mark brand. The local store is to blame also, they were the ones that told you it was "better than leather".

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Jul 10, 2013

I have the same problem! It's a mess...even peeling on the armrest! I wish I knew this before I spent so much on the set! :cry

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Jun 04, 2013

I too bought the Durablend sofs and loveseat and it is PEELING.
SO DISGUSTED ... extended warrant DOES NOT cover wear and tear. PLEASE DO NOT BUY or get HOOKED line and sinker ... Embarassed to no end. People with shorts when they leave are peeling off bits of durablend. How does one cry out FRAUD. Shame on you Ashley for not giving back peoples hard work money on a product that they purchased and YOU knowingly stole from us.

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Jun 03, 2013 Oneida, Tennessee

I too have a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman made of Ashley durablend leather. It is peeling so badly I have to vacuum the scraps everyday. I too was told it was more durable than leather. I will never buy another product from Ashley furniture.

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May 18, 2013

I bought a couch and a chair with ottoman - I tested them at the store... I did not sink down, they were wonderful. When some were delivered... you sat in them and sunk down... very uncomfortable to sit in and difficult to get out of once you DO sit down!

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