Ashley Furniture Sucks-Class Action Lawsuit For Defective Furniture

We purchased the San Marco sectional model/sku # 163-324-2 and 163-324-3 for $1483.90 cash from the General Manager Andrew Lee on February 28, 2009.In less than 30 days the couch seat cushions have sagged.

The cushions do not recoil or return to normal position once we get up. While sitting we can feel the railing in the couch. We called Ashley Furniture on March 29, 2009 they referred us to their customer service because once a customer purchases a product they no longer have anything to do with any issues with that product. We immediately called customer and explained the issues, a tech was scheduled to come out on April 7, 2009.

The service tech came out on April 7, his findings were the couch is defective. The customer service rep he reported to (Sandra D.) gave him and us a hard time when we spoke with her. She told us the couch is not defective it's the way we are sitting on the couch. There's only one way to sit on a couch.

Ashley Furniture is unwilling to allow us to select a different couch; we no longer trust the San Marco model based on this experience, however the lead customer service rep is willing to allow us to select a different couch as long a we pay a restocking fee of $150.Why should customers have to pay restocking fee to select a different couch when the first couch was deem defective!

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Jan 22 Bonita Springs, Florida

The remedy to all of this complaints, is to file a small claims actions against the sales person, the company and the owner.. certainly the legal fees to preclude any of the aforementioned from the action will be more expensive than hassling the customer...simple remedy

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Jan 21 Gonzales, Louisiana

I have the same problem with my soffa . I bought the extended warranty talked to the Maniger he said he would send Someone over have not heard from him .My soffa is three years old but I stay with my girlfriend . I only stay here when we are not gettin along . I live across the street from the store. We need to start a class action sute

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Aug 04, 2014 Harlingen, Texas

Unbelievable bought a sofa and love seat and been having issues since with theelectronic components their furniture and customer service sucks. I asked to speak to the store manager and is always in a meeting. I want to return in or exchange it and they don't let me they offered me a one hundred dollar gift certificate I said no.
If there is a class action law suit I want to know because this is not acceptable .

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Aug 04, 2014 Harlingen, Texas

My email is
Thank you ...

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Jul 07, 2014

Same exact issue here. Same exact model couch. Very annoyed.

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Los Angeles

Apr 10, 2014

I am dealing with a similar issue as many of you have mentioned. I purchased a 5 year warranty through Guardsman which is a complete scam. When I purchased the furniture the salesman told me that this extended warranty covered "any and every" problem I might have. When I went to use it for a rip and cracking in the leather, my claim was denied. I've taken this to the Bureau of Consumer Protection and am going to squash Ashley Furniture for selling me bad furniture and lying to me about the warranty that I "had to have." Everyone please file your claims with the FTC and put these people in check.

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Ripped Off

Mar 09, 2014

What a nightmare this has turned out from when we walked out of the San Diego Miramar Ashley Furniture store on February 12, 2014 feeling so happy and excited about getting what we thought was quality furniture with a great warranty. Due to my husband's work related travel schedule, we decided to have the sectional that we purchased delivered on March 7th but unfortunately my husband was not able to be home that day after all so I was left to deal with the delivery. The delivery guys arrived on time but instead of parking in our driveway, they parked on the street near our three way intersection. After I showed them where to set up the sectional, the two delivery guys raced to and from the truck like bats out of ***. They dumped the left arm sectional on the street behind the truck while they assembled the rest in the house and didn't bother to move it off the street even though drivers were honking their horns and yelling at them. Then to make matters worse, an obnoxious neighbor we don't even know suddenly showed up requesting their assistance to help him lift something heavy which added to the confusion. When I walked out my door, one of the delivery guys shoved a tablet at me and told me to sign that everything was ok and once I did he rushed to the truck to go help the neighbor. When I walked back into the house I saw that one of the back cushions had been sewn on crooked so the top is not aligned straight with the top of other cushions. I notified my husband right... Show more

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Dec 15, 2013 Tampa, Florida

I bought my 2 sofas in 2010 & with a 1 1/2 years they started peeling & the boards & springs are popping out of the bottom. I bought a warranty they refused to let me use it saying the "defected" sofas were not accidently damaged. So I told them my son flopped down on the sofa & now they are ripped up the supervisor actually laughed at me told me I was crazy. I have started going to their Facebook site page posting pictures of both my sofas to be told to call customer service. Well customer service contacted me which did no good cause the same supervisor that laughed at me was the one that called me. I spent $1500 on these sofas they even lied to me that I bought leather & all it is is a thin layer of plastic to look leather. There has to be some kind of Class Action Lawsuit all of us can get together to get our money back. I wish I knew how to get this started or if there is one I'd like to join. No one should have to go through what all of us have gone through. They are still selling this same furniture & others are going to have their money stolen which is not fair.

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Sep 09, 2013 South Bend, Indiana

I had same experience with couch and loveseat I got from them. Terrible quality can feel the springs and no recoil to the cushions. Also bought 2 end tables and the one I use the most the finish is just peeling up all over the place after have less than a year and I was meticulous about using coasters. I will never buy from them again.

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Dec 30, 2011

I have been fighting with this company since oct 2011. Today Dec.30'2011 I am still at battle with them. I purchased 4,200. dollars worth of their JUNK. And no one will return calls, or even offer to make good the warranty. The Chest we bought arrived broken, still sitting where the delivery people left it. The recliners are breaking down, at only one months use. The"leather" furniture is JUNK. this is the worse furniture I have ever seen in my life. Someone needs to be accountable to all of these complaints..please forward any advice.

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carolyn ayers

Nov 01, 2011

I bought a set of living room furniture from ashley furniture a year ago. Its has the thinest fabric I have seen. This pile of junk should not be allowed on a piece of furniture. Thumbs down on ashley furniture.

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Aug 18, 2011

i was delivered a broken couch, broken kitchen chair, broken coffee table. i had my couch sitting on magazines until they where able too come and fix it. NOW MY KITCHEN TABLE SCRATCHES FROM EATING ON IT, COFFEE TABLE IS CHIPPING ON THE TOP AND COUCH IS COMING APART AT THE SEAMS ON THE SIDE. BEWARE TOO ALL THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, THERE FURNITURE IS ABSOLUTE JUNK

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Jun 13, 2011

Ashley Furniture is the worst company ever. We purchased a table and chairs less than 2 years ago and have had problems from day one. They always referred us to the warranty company for any problems, which we have had to contact several different times now. They have been out to replace our cushions 3 times. Within just a couple of months they are wearing down and getting these defects in the \"leather\". We have talked to the company and corporate and they will do nothing for us. They said that we had a one year manufacturers defect warranty but they would never honor that and kept referring us to their 3rd party warrany center. The store salesman would reccommend that we \"LIE\" to the warranty company and tell them that it was accidental so that they would cover the cushions and the store would get out of replacing them. BUT the problem is that everytime they would replace the cushions they would put the same manufacturer made cushions back on and within a couple of months they would be ripping again! We spent $2,000 on this table and feel COMPLETELY ripped off and have seen MANY complaints about Ashley Furiture on the web and under their online store reviews. We are a family of 7 and cannot afford to go out and purchase ANOTHER table! The corporate office is very rude and would not help us in the slightest way...pretty much said tough luck! We do not have the money to hire a lawyer and even if we did it would cost us more than the table is worth! We feel completely taken... Show more

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Jun 13, 2011

Ashley SUCKS!! Our table is falling apart and has been from day one! They wont do anything about it and we have already paid in full! UGH!! Please help! We need advice on what our comsumer right are!


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Class Action Lawsuit

May 08, 2011

I would like to start a class action lawsuit against them for completely ripping people off... Terrible customer service that promises you every thing will be alright... My story is as such... I bought the furniture in one store... canceled it the next day because the guy i dealt with in Greenville, SC was a pusher (for the sale)... So I cancelled my order at that store and drove down to Anderson, SC where I worked with one of the best sales people I have ever worked with. She gave me everything that the other store gave plus a free TV. I canceled my order in front of her. Then I placed a new order with her. I also signed up for the no interest plan. Well when I got my first bill from Wells Fargo they charged me for the original order and canceled my cheaper order without telling me. My bill from wells fargo was $1,000 more than my second order. Not only did Greenville not cancel my order, but apparently they fought with the Anderson store and the LOVELY salesperson there quit because she did not get the sale. I still talk with this salesperson. I feel that billing wells fargo and myself without telling me is fraud of somesort... Help me out if you know anyway to get this ball rolling... I will gladly get the funds and signitures of 100 people, which is what you need for a class action lawsuit. My e-mail address is with no spaces

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Sep 14, 2013 Naples, Florida



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Dec 15, 2013 Spokane, Washington

Yes I feel that we need to stop this company across the US its is junk and we need to stop them. How can we file a class action across the us.

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Jan 21 Gonzales, Louisiana

I'm ready to file a class action suit . clintfabre@yahoo. com

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May 02, 2011

This is an unethical company having been SUED FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS. File complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney General's Office. Research those complaints before considering making a furniture purchase at that store.

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Ashley Sells Lemons - is this

May 01, 2011

After waiting 7 weeks on my furniture, it arrives with spots all over the cushions, and a support board missing from the table. Not to mention, when I went to contact the warranty company, I realized they never gave me my warranty information. They said they would mail it out on 4/21/211, but still have received nothing. They said they would replace my table and cushions, but again, still haven't heard a thing! I ask if I could clean my furniture myself, they tell me I have to follow a "cleaning code". They explained to me that my furniture's code is an "S", and that this means DRY CLEAN ONLY!!! I explained that I was informed before making my purchase that I could clean this furniture with normal water and detergent. Now I'm being told that that isn't the case. I was either misinformed or lied to. I believe Ashley Furniture will tell the consumer whatever they want to hear just to sell the product, even if they know they are being dishonest. I'm surprised there isn't a class action lawsuit against them. If I knew of one, I would partake. I believe my horror story is just getting started. I plan to call the every single day until I get a resolution. Somebody has to stop Ashley Furniture from selling lemons!

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