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I purchased a dining room set with the option of no interest for six months blah blah blah...I gave them $500 down and three months later I went to pay the balance....well guess what???? I didn't qualify because I had not spent over 3K.

but did they tell me that when I purchased it? The sales person and I talked about this promotion and the store manager came and he told us we were qualified for that promotion. I had the flyer, wrote their names down as we were having the conversation...everything I could have done to cover my butt but these people are a total fraud. I only had a balance of $700 that ended up costing me ONE THOUSAND...that's right $100 interest EVERY MONTH....can you imagine if I had waited the ENTIRE 6 MONTHS?

That's what I get for not believing my friends who had been there and had horrible experiences of their own.

WORST OF ALL, the furniture is a piece of #^&*.

I purchased four chairs and a small glass table....the pedestal for the glass is too small so the glass can tip over easily...and the chairs are drying up...the fabric on the back of the chairs is curling because IT IS NOT REAL LEATHER....never mind that the description says it is leather and I still have the tag that reads "ostrich finish genuine leather." Please learn from me and don't give these people any business...we keep on empowering these *_)(*^%%%% corporations to steal from the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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We bought a sofa and recliner from Ashley and got it for 6 months same as cash. We spent just over $1,000 and paid more than half down.

We were not charged any interest at all. We were very happy with our purchases and also the way the billing was handled. So I am very surprised when I hear a story that someone had to pay interest on a 6 months same as cash deal with them. I would have written to their corporate office and I still would do so.

Give them the names and all of the info that you have. You might get a refund for the interest that you paid.

Also, our furniture came with a warranty and we also bought an extended warranty, so take pictures of your furniture and take it in to them. I hope that this helps.


Your an idiot if you didn’t read the contract before signing it there are disclosures


Me and my wife finance with Ashlee and a 6 month promotion. We payed $200 monthly 6 months and when it ended they tacked on additional 2000 to what we financed.

We ended up paying triple for some cheat furniture you could purchase on Craigslist. Please avoid ashlee complete scam and ripoff with synchrony bank.


6 months interest free, you still have to make monthly payments or late fees will be added, whatever that late fee is. It is probably in the contract. Hmmmmm


Nobody get the credit card! They lie to you about interest being derferred.

They tack on the interest rate on your total amount financed without you knowing in the beginning.

When you call them to complain you get nowhere! Do the math on your bill!


I ended up paying 1800 for a 900 dollar bed. The interest is ridiculous and after u make a purchase you can kiss any kind of customer service away.

On top of everything on my last payment I was 1 week late and they charged me 100 interest for another month and a late fee on a 80 dollar balance due. To put the iceing on the cake the bed box started falling apart because the bed boards are cheap partivle board inside.


So you waited 3 months to make next payment...hmmmm wondering why they didn't charge you more in late fees and interest for not making payments on time every month.I can't think of any place that allows you to make payments when ever you want and not on a monthly basis with out charging fees and interest. I love shopping at Ashley and what type on quality are you looking for when only paying 700 dollars. If you want good quality and not pay for the protection plan then dish out the extra money.But if looking to buy cheap and not buy a protection plan then you get what you paid for.


Each Ashley Furniture store is an independently owned store, that is authorized to sell furniture made by Ashley furniture, and they sell that exclusively. Therefore each store has their own prices, own management, and own financing terms.

Your comment about corporations stealing from the public is both ignorant and does not apply to your experience since you were dealing with a locally owned and operated store.


Real leather, fake leather - either way it still needs to be taken care of. Leather will dry up and crack if it isn't cleaned and/or conditioned on a semi-regular basis.

I have nothing but fabulous things to say about the Ashley Furniture here in San Antonio on I-10. Any questions I asked were answered, and they were up-front with me about having to spend $2,000 to get the 0% financing for 60 months. My advice to you is to do your homework before making big ticket purchases and make sure you understand store policy, too. Should they have told you?

Yes, but you need to take SOME responsibility as well. The money isn't coming out of their pocket!


You have no idea how dumb and ignorant you sound, Sir. I agree with the above comment, it is mathematically impossible for a $100 a month 'finance' charge to be imposed on a $700 balance.

I have furnished several rooms with Ashley furniture and the only problem I ever had was a broken chair, but that was due to my 350lb neighbor...

Lastly, when you people blast Ashley furniture, specially about "CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY", You all should include the name of the city you live in. Most Ashley Homestores are privately owned and operated, therefore, they have a LOCAL and INDEPENDENT customer service department. I live in Southern California, and I've always been treated with respect and they've made me feel appreciated.

When I contact CUSTOMER SERVICE for any inquiries, it goes to Fullerton, CA. not a national number.

I bet that walmart has more complaints than Ashley, yet, people still glorify it.

oh well, to each its own.


You're sull of ***, $100 "a month" intrest on a $700 balance comes out to like 14+% (a month).

Times 12 months that would be more than 170% interest.

Math is obviously not your friend Pinochio. :zzz

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