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So I have been watching the price of a table for sometime now and it has been listed the entire time at $999. Roomstogo released their 20 year anniversary which has a coupon of $100 off anything over @1000.

The price of the table is now $1099. Nice try rooms to go. Way to fool your customers into thinking they are actually getting a deal. I cannot believe it that they raised the price of the furniture nad advertise money off?

I understand that companies do it, but bad way to do business.

It irritates to watch for a deal and get shafted. Ashleys here I come.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

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i think they should just do away with the coupon thing altogether. went ashley's to buy a mattress and box spring for my kid.

the coupon says 100 off furiniture or bedding of 200 or more. exclusion is no promotion or discount and no tempur-pedic or stearns and foster. found a set for 299 that was in the value bedding.

the guy told me that was a promotion( an everyday promotion !!)so they wouldn't honor the 100 off. told them to bad they didn't want my money, somebody else will take it.As soon as i showedd him the coupon he had to go check with the superviser and she said they wouldn't accept it.Won't get any of my money!!!


welcome to reality darling do you honestly think that the world doesnt run like that? the furniture business and car sales is really the only places where they are allowed to play with prices and the customers know it.

roomstogo is one among hundreds of thousands of respectable places that are trying to run a business. if you actually meant your complaint and actually cared you would have bought the table and asked the associate if you could get it at its previous price.

yes they would have given it to you for that price dumb ***. every furniture has to accepted their own expired prices as a low price guarentee.

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