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3 months ago I contacted corporate, once I found a # to call. My 80 yr old Mother sits on a couch she bought at Ashley in 2016.

The leather reclining couch was never installed correctly and started leaning badly. Last year my mom had back surgery and shattered the same hip twice. She can barely get out of chair it’s leaning so bad. I wasn’t aware of the poor workmanship and called once I visibly saw the condition.

There was no warranty so we paid close to $100 to have someone come fix it. A Tech came but a part needed to be ordered. 3 weeks later, no part, no call. I called again and was told the part was never ordered and they didn’t know why.

She assured me she would order it now. The part came almost 2 weeks later. The Tech came out over a week after I called and it was the wrong part. I called again and the Part was reordered and just over a week later (expedited mind you) it has arrived but the tech only comes to this area once a week and their schedule is booked another week.

At this point, we’re still waiting and they’ll supposedly be here next Friday, a week from today.

Hopefully, it may finally get fixed. I’ll pray my Mom lasts that much longer without falling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My name is Teresa Sewell my father Lloyd Williams purchased 2 identical sets of furniture in October 2016 one of the sets was for me and the other set was for himself both sets of the furniture have been nothing but trouble the first trouble I had was with my sofa the color was coming out of the leather which the sofa was still under store warranty and they sent some men to my house and they replaced the discolored part of the sofa with a new part then on my loveseat underneath the place where you put your head is cloth and it began pulling apart and some feather type material began coming out again the men came and replaced the part and now the leather is peeling off on both of our sofas his is peeling off on the part where you put your head I made pictures of the bad place on his sofa and sent them to you along with the model numbers and serial numbers and the original receipt where the furniture was purchased I was contacted by Ashley saying that they were going to send a piece of leather material that matches the sofa and that a upholsterer would come out and repair my father's sofa that was over a month ago we have not heard a word from any upholsterer I telephoned Atkins Furniture in Fort Payne, Alabama where we purchased the furniture and spoke to customer and told them that the upholsterer had not yet shown up to repair my father's sofa and the lady in customer said that is what she was told my the people at Ashley Furntiure but that she would call Ashley and see what the problem was so we are waiting to hear something from you regarding this now the problem with my sofa is that the leather has come off of the arm area if you are standing in front of my sofa it is the right arm area on my sofa where the leather has come off and there is a place between the cushions that the leather is also coming off if you will notice on the receipt my father paid cash for all of the furniture we purchased and we both 2 identical sets we were told that this set was leather which I have just noticed on the recliner that it says these sofas and loveseats are 55% leather, 33% PVC and 12% polyester but the salesgirl whose name was Tiffany sold us these furniture sets as all leather because we told her we were only interested in seeing leather furniture these sets of furniture are poorly made and bad quality we also purchased the extended warranty and I contacted the warranty people and they are giving us the run around regarding the trouble we are having with our furniture they are not wanting to cover the leather coming off or anything I need to know if you intend to do anything regarding the leather coming off both sofas that we purchased we have bought Ashley furniture in the past and have never had any problems with it but this time is an entirely different situation. The MO # on my sofa is MA4TCWO, Serial #S467795570 and there is another number in bold print it is U7800188 I sincerely hope that Ashley will either replace these sofas or something because my family has used Ashley Furniture for many years and we are very disappointed with our purchase of these sets of furniture I am needing to purchase some bedroom sets right now but unless I get something done to my satisfaction about my sofas I nor any of my family be purchasing Ashley Furniture in the future. You may contact me either by email my email address is : or by my cell number which is: 205-616-5627 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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