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My wife and I had just built a new home and the first thing we had to have was a new bed. We visited the local Ashley Furniture Store in Fort Smith,AR.

The salesperson pushed this bed as if it were the last one we were going to have to buy and assured us of any issues it would be replaced NO PROBLEM. The first 3 months on the bed were great then we began to notice if we laid together the bed began to valley. So we rotated the mattress (this is not one that can be turned) and the problem continued. I began to sleep less and less in the bed and my wife called to see about a replacement mattress.

They send out a snot nose teenager who pushes on the bed and leaves. We hear nothing back until we call 2 months later. They said there was no tag on the bed. I said he didn't look.

so 6 months later they send another kid out to my home and this time he seemed a little more thorough but we never got a call back until we called them 3 weeks later. Now they are saying if there is not a 1 and 1/2 inch grove in the mattress the will do nothing about the problem. This is an exact measurement no more no less they say.

MY wife read them the riot act on being a good business and repeat customers but the owner nor the mgr of the store would even get on the phone(chickenshit). So I am stuck with the top of the line sealy mattress that I wont sleep on(It looks brand new).

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However, Confused. I believe you have a chain of comand that starts with the wait staff if you have a bad meal. Point made.


Blaming the store/salesperson is like screaming at your waiter because the food doesn't taste right. I think your focus is on the wrong company here.

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