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Is everyone actually reading all these complaints against Ashley Furniture? Most of these are criminal. To buy something and get something else or less is fraud. File your complaints with the Attorney General's office. The link at the bottom of my post will show you it has been done in other states and Ashley was punished. Punishment is the only way to stop these people for all the actions you are reading about in this and other consumer complaint sites.

DON'T YOU BELIEVE THAT ASHLEY FURNITURE STATEMENT BY TAMMY who is sure to post below as she posts in many complaint strings. Maybe after this, Ashley Furniture will use another name to post under or find a new way to post or reasoning in their post. I called them yesterday. They laughed and scoffed at my insistence that this is the wrong couch. While it also came damaged... even though it is the wrong couch and the wrong color.... all they will do is repair the damage. They will not replace it for the couch I paid for. I told them I guess I am stuck and will have to sell it then... but since then I have had second and third and fourth thoughts. I am reporting them to every legal agency I can find, the BBB, the Attorney General's office and I am putting the word out whereever I can find a place to and I am going to spend as much time as I can to keep on doing so. THEY are thieves. YOU KEEP READING EVERYONE'S POSTS... THE POSTS ARE TRUE AND IF YOU BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO COME INTO VERY DISTURBING PROBLEMS JUST LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE POSTED. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!!!!! THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU, BUT RATHER SLAP YOU IN THE FACE FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM. I spent nearly $5,000 with them and I Swear to you on my life, they all but kicked me in the face for a $1,000 dollar item out of all my purchases and REFUSE to make it right. FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS EVERYWHERE... ON THE INTERNET, AT THE BBB, AT YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. GET THE WORD OUT. Here is a website from legal entities telling you of their foul fraudulent ways... http://southernnevada.bbb.org/rptrel2007.asp?bbbid

Furthermore, if Tammy and Ashley Furniture wanted to back up their statements and really wanted to do something about the oh so many injustices and complaints, they would stop selling their furniture to these "independent companies" they blame for all the injustices. I mean... why sell to companies that will just drag your name through the mud? I'll tell you... money, they make lots of money by standing behind these "independent companies", faking you out in here pretending and lying about their concern by placing a seemingly sensitive ADVERTISEMENT right here. Like I said, I called them - They have the same lack of concern and lack of integrity. Crooks


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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I got this off another website. Why dont New york or other states do what is below

PHOENIX -- Ashley Furniture Homestore has agreed to pay the state of Arizona $400,000 to resolve consumer complaints about deliveries and allegations of deceptive advertising.

The money will be used to pay for consumer fraud education, attorneys' fees and investigation costs. The settlement also requires Ashley Furniture Homestore to change its business practices with regard to advertising and delivery and cancellation of orders.

The settlement provides customers with a right to cancel late orders and a right to prompt repair or replacement of defective furniture. In addition, Ashley Furniture will pay restitution of $2,000 to consumers who were charged a restocking fee, and the company will replace or provide refunds of up to $8,000 to consumers who received defective furniture.

"This is a great result for Arizona consumers," said state Attorney General Terry Goddard. "This settlement changes how Ashley Furniture Homestore does business in Arizona. Consumers now have a remedy for late and defectively delivered furniture, and Ashley Furniture Homestores will make better disclosures in its advertisements."

In 2004 and 2005, the Attorney General's Office received numerous complaints about furniture deliveries that were extremely late and/or the furniture delivered was defective. The complaint filed by the Attorney General alleged that Ashley Furniture used disclaimer language in its sales order slips, along with a 30 percent restocking fee, to prevent customers from canceling their orders even though the delivery had been delayed months after the estimated date. Additionally, the complaint alleged that the company failed to adequately disclose minimum purchase requirements to qualify for zero interest financing.

In 2005, after the initial contact by the Attorney General's Office, Ashley Furniture Homestore began taking corrective action to resolve the consumer complaints.

"In all honesty, we grew too fast over a short period of time in 2004 and 2005 and we were not prepared for the volume of business that would affect manufacturing and operational delays which ultimately and unfortunately, affected our valued customer," said Michael Jedlowski, President and CEO of Southwestern Furniture, the company that owns and operates five Ashley Furniture Homestores in the Phoenix area.

The settlement, in the form of a consent judgment, does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing by Ashley Furniture Homestore. The company said in a media statement that it denies any wrongdoing and "has settled to avoid the uncertainties, costs and distractions associated with litigation and refers to the Phoenix area stores only."

The settlement also includes several additional provisions:

-- If an advertisement offers zero financing, it must include a statement that says a minimum purchase applies and print ads must clearly disclose the minimum purchase amount.

-- At the time of purchase, Ashley Furniture Homestore will put estimated delivery times in writing, and store representatives cannot modify or make statements inconsistent with the written estimate.

-- Ashley Furniture Homestore will not provide an estimated delivery date unless there is a reasonable basis for making that estimate.

-- Ashley Furniture Homestore will not require consumers to accept delivery of any merchandise that is damaged or defective at the time of delivery unless the merchandise was sold "as is" and is designated "as is" on the sales invoice.

-- Ashley Furniture Homestore will provide a written cancellation and refund policy to customers. This policy will allow consumers to cancel an order and request a refund within 30 days if the company fails to deliver furniture after 30 days of the written estimated delivery date.

-- Ashley Furniture Homestore will provide a written policy regarding damaged or defective furniture. The policy will require consumers to notify Ashley Furniture within three days after delivery that the furniture was damaged. The company then has 30 days to either replace or repair the merchandise. If Ashley Furniture cannot replace or repair the merchandise, then the company will offer the customer a full refund.

Southwestern said in the media statement that it views its experience working with the Arizona Attorney General's Office as a positive one that allowed the company "to make great strides in improving all aspects of our business including developing methods and procedures to monitor and improve customer satisfaction."

Southwestern said its improvement programs would continue on a company-wide basis.

Consumers can find information about filing a complaint at the Attorney General's

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