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When I purchased my sofa set, breakfast table with chairs and bar stools back in 2005 I purchased a service agreement for $500.00 and was told I would get it back after 5 years if I didn't use the warranty. I started thinking this weekend about it and knew I hadn't received a check in the mail so I decided to call the store in West Melbourne where I had bought the items.

I was told by the salesman that I had only 30 days after my 5 years to go into the store and claim it!

If I did not then it was no valid after 30 days. Needless to say it is WAY pass 30 days so they get to keep my money!!!

Never again will I buy a pillow from this company. Watch your dates so you don't miss your deadline!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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This also happened to me in Ashley Canada. In order to use my $500.00 warranty in-store credit, i need to spend another $500.00.

No, keep my $500, i won't spend one cent with this furniture store any more. I would like to post our complains to their facebook page to let more people know their warrant is scam ***


I had same issue. It is cheating..


I was told the same thING 5 years ago. Just called today to ask for my refund.

Says I'm only getting 150 store credit. That is not what I was told. my mother and my fiance were both with me at the time of purchase. They both remember hearing the same thing.

My warranty was $369. I asked again to make sure I understood correctly. The saleswoman confirmed that I would be getting a full refund if I did not use my warranty. Around the same time my mother and my aunt wants to buy a kitchen set for my grandmother, they were told the exact same thing.

That they would receive a full refund if the warranty was not used. I called today and they told me that I signed a contract which stated I would only get $150 credit.

I looked at my paperwork and they are correct but I do not appreciate being lied to by sales person so she can make Commission on a warranty sale. Right now it's not the money I am concerned about it's the principle.


I was told my warranty refund would be sent to me, not in store credit, but in from of a check. Did not get mine either.

Did not know of the extra fine print which outlined the "30 Day" exclusion. Nice piece of profit.

I have purchased over 8k in furniture from Ashley in the past 6 years. Not another dime of my hard earned money will be spent there.


The extended warranties aren't cash back. If you don't use the warranty they I've you your money back in store credit.

Now 5 years ago, maybe this was a different story. But I purchased a warranty today and that was all over the paper work.

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