West Monroe, Louisiana
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I have never been an Owner, or an Employee of Ashley Home Furniture; but I can tell you as a consumer that the Reclining Loveseat that I bought from the store in Monroe, Louisiana 2 months ago is the worst furniture purchase I have ever made! Over $1000.00 by the time, we got it home!!!

First problem we had was in the delivery of the Loveseat. We asked the Sales Woman at the time of purchase if the loveseat could be taken apart to fit through the door of a travel trailer. (The 40 ft trailer is where we are staying while my husband works in the area.) She assured us it could be taken apart, delivered, and put back together. We paid for the loveseat and extra for the delivery. The Saturday delivery date came around and what happens? You guess it; the delivery people who show up with the loveseat do not know how to take it apart to bring it in. (Meanwhile my husband has already taken the old loveseat out of the trailer, so we have NO loveseat to set on!) My husband calls to complain and gets nothing out of the manager, and he adds further to our outrage by telling us that the loveseat cannot be delivered on that Saturday because the only person who works for the Ashley Home Store in Monroe who knows how to take apart the loveseat is no working that Saturday.

Next, my husband has to take time off from work to have it delivered during the week. (As the store was aware I am disabled so that I could take care of it by myself). When my husband tells the manager this, he replies, "It's going to cost me (the manager) more money to have it delivered again! How do you like that answer? I say, that is true customer service!

The crowning glory is the materials and quality of the loveseat! Where I set on the loveseat is already giving way, and showing an indentation where I set. Ashley's Reclining Loveseat after two months is already as bad if not worse than the loveseat I threw away. I will never buy another piece of Ashley Furniture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

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I agree, they are the WORST furniture store in the world. I will never buy from them again, *** poor service on everything.

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