Alton, Illinois

Well, in preparation for all the Columbus Day furniture sales I would like to rant a bit:

I have ALWAYS been a fan of Ashley Furniture. Last year when we moved we bought a bunch of furniture from them- we LOVED all of it!

The store staff was SO great! About six months ago I noticed that our accent chair was "pilling up" on the arms and seat of the chair. (note: we DON'T sit in this chair everyday). In July, I called Ashley Furniture's customer service center and began what became a LONG, ANNOYING, and VERY DISAPPOINTING couple months worth of arguing about "normal" wear-and-tear.

In the 1st call, the Ashley Furniture rep said, "oh yes, I see we've had problems with this accent chair in the past!" They had people from a "3rd party" company come out and inspect the chairs. All seemed fine- a "no-brainer!..... Then Ashley Furniture said they would not help us because it was "normal wear-and-tear". When I sent them my photos for review by a manager, they did not return my multiple calls or emails.

This company has completely lost my business. What was a loyal relationship is now a quest to sway others to boycott Ashley Furniture from now on. They can't get away with treating people like this. It was NOT normal wear and tear, especially on a chair that is in a secondary room in our home AND they'd had problems with it before!!!!

I worked in customer service for over 20 years (12+ years as a supervisor).

You DONT treat customers the way Ashley Furniture did us. I urge you to STAY AWAY from Ashley Furniture.

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