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My wife and I purchased approximately $6000 worth of furniture back in March of 2015. We purchased around $5000 in 2012/2013(and paid it off).

We set a delivery date on the furniture purchased in 2015 and were told all the furniture would be delivered on that date. Turns out they didn't have a footboard for our bed, so we had to put our mattress on the floor and sleep like that for an entire month before they brought us the rest of the bed(and tall dresser). We were given a $56 Ashley gift card for our trouble(and were appreciative).

In June of 2016(I think) we received our monthly bill from Synchrony Financial and $1674.74 had been added to our bill. I spoke with Rochelle with Ashley Customer Care at that time and was told it would be taken care of. The next month we received a credit of $1674.74 and all was fine. Then our bill in September had a double charge(one on 9/28/2015, the other on 9/30/2015) of the $1674.74 for a total of $3349.48 extra. None of this was mine or my wife's fault. So, again I called Rochelle and she told me I would have to speak to the customer service at Synchrony Financial. I spoke with Roy at Synchrony, and he said the problem was on Ashley Furnitures end because the charges were coming from them. I called back and spoke with Rochelle again and she said she would look into the problem. I called again in October, and finally, we received a credit and all was taken care of on 11/2/2015. When I spoke to Rochelle at that time she said she would look into getting some sort of compensation for the 7+ hours I had spent on the phone with Ashley, Synchrony, and TD Bank(at one point I was told to call them, not sure why since they don't have any information on us).

I told her thank you and was appreciative of the help offered. I then called back on 12/29/2015 and held for 25 minutes, but had to hang up because I had an appointment to keep. I finally reached Rochelle in January of 2016. She said she would get me compensation for my time and was she would ask for a $300 credit to our account. She called me approximately one week after that conversation and said the credit would post to our account in approximately 3 billing cycles. I was pleased with the customer service at this point.

I then waited 3 billing cycles and saw now credit. I decided to give it some more time, and being only human, forgot about it until this past weekend.

Now, I just spoke with Brianna of Ashley Customer Care(another 36 minutes of my life gone, but she was friendly) and she explained she felt it may have been too long since this $300 credit was promised. She also saw no record of a $300 credit written in the notes of our account. Apparently Rochelle no longer works for Ashley Customer Care, but I was promised this credit for my trouble and now I've had to add an hour on to the amount of time I've spent trying to get a little compensation. Considering my wife and I have spent over $11,000.00 with Ashley Furniture(a great deal of money to us), I feel scorned out of the little compensation I was promised. It's very disheartening considering the time I feel has been wasted through absolutely no fault of my own.

All of the above was sent to the Ashley Customer Care and they responded saying they have no written record of the $300 credit that was promised, so they won't honor it. No wonder this company has terrible reviews. I will NEVER shop at Ashley Furniture again and will actively discourage everyone I know to do the same. Now I have 9+ hours of my life wasted because of THEIR mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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