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I purchased both my dining room and living room set from Ashley approximately a year and a half ago. Upon purchasing the furniture I opted for the extended warranty throught Guardsman Elite for the five years after the purchase. The sales representative assured me that this covers everything and that all I would need was to call the extended warranty company and a representative would come out to repair the problem or it would be replaced. Sounded like a great idea to protect the small fortune I was about to spend.

Two days ago, I called Ashley Furniture in regards to a piece the was broken off of my daughters bed that I had purchased 4 months ago in which the repair is to be covered under the 1 year purchase warranty. I figured that since they were coming out to make the repair that they would be able to fix the other issues that I had with other furniture that I had purchased a year and a half ago and wanted information on how to go about it. When I told her that the problem was with the new dining table being wobbly and unstable and that one of the dining chairs was in the same condition, she told me that it would not be covered under the extended warranty and that I would need to make the necessary repairs on my own because it was just wear and tear. So wait, this means I have to repair something that I paid several hundreds of dollars on a year and half ago because of wear and tear on a product that was sold to me that clearly lacks durability when I was assured that problems like this would be covered under the extended warranty that I purchased at an additional cost? Sounds like a ripoff to me!

I feel that I was scammed by Ashley Furniture and by Guardsman Elite extended warranty company under FALSE PRETENSES that if ANY issues arose as far as any damages, spills, manufacture defects, if the item is broken, ect that it would be covered. Well I am sitting here with a BROKEN wobbly table and chair and no one will be coming out to fix them.

I told the representative that the warranty is a complete waste of money because I was unaware of the extended warranty repair conditions and if I did I would have never purchased it in the first place. I demanded a refund on all of the extended warranty costs that I had paid on ALL 3 sets of furniture I had purchased over the last year and a half. She told me that she would forward this on to the correct department for REVIEW to see if they would grant me this request and went on to tell me that they do not refund in certain states. Really? They need to review my demand of a refund on a product or service that I paid for that was sold to me UNDER FALSE PRETENSES?!?! Unbelievable!!!

If you are seriously considering a class action lawsuit, you can definitely count me in!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I purchased a bed at Ashley and the saleslady added it to my bill. I questioned it.

she told me I had to have it to cover it for 10 yrs if it breaks. I struggled with that I had to have it. the next day I called the manager and he said I didn't have to have it. I asked to have it removed.

I still hadn't picked up the bed yet. it wasn't an issue to remove it at this point. but my past experience with any warranty has always had me put off by it because of the element of surprise.

it has so many conditions and sometimes an upfront fee. I don't buy it any more.


They screwed me too. I bought an ottoman and went to recline and I heard a a big snap and now the back part is reclined all the way to the floor.

They said their warranty doesn’t cover this. Additional warranties seem to always be a ripoff.

I won’t be buying their furniture anymore and god forbid their sales peopl ever ask or try and sell that extended garbage. You folks should see this ottoman I bought from them Junk!


Do you really think you are so special that the company should send someone out to occasionally tighten the bolts for you the warranty you purchased is for accidental damage not to come out to the special peoples house upon request :cry


I am experiencing the same situation - spent $3000 on leather couch and power chair and bed set. Was assured by our sales person we should get the Elite Warranty - which we did.

2 yrs later,, the leather is peeling off and we are told Elite has to look after this...but of course....they have gone bankrupt and Ashley won't help us. I am so fighting this!


Redrobin - I am so sorry to hear about this. After many phone calls to the Guardsman Elite customer service line in Wisconsin about my demand for a refund and threats of reporting them to the BBB if they did not rectify my dissatisfaction, they sent me a check for a prorated refund.


I would sue them and Display the broken stuff in front of their store.

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