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You bought bonded leather - not 100% leather. Imagine a bunch of minions picking up leather scraps on the floor of the leather shop. Here's how it's made. One cheesecloth like backing, dyed plastic, and glue. And just before these sheets dry, someone sprinkles a set amount of the finely ground up leather scraps onto the material. You get 5%, 17%, or 54% real leather. There is leather match which means you should have real leather where your body touches and dyed vinyl to match the real leather in all the places that don't touch your body. This is cost saving for the consumer.

The next time you buy a piece of furniture - LOOK AT THE LAW TAG! The tag is under the left cushion on stationary furniture and under the foot rest on reclining furniture. The tag could be under the piece but it is there! Google the "ingredients" if needed. Beware of strand board used in weight bearing areas of the furniture especially when purchasing reclining pieces. Look for kiln dried plywood.

Warranties cover ACCIDENTS but not daily wear and tear. Here are some examples of reasons to consider a warranty. Young kids who might spill food or drinks, someone who sits and sews and might accidentally poke *** in the furniture, an elderly relative who might urinate on the furniture, and a puncture cause by an eating utensils. Hair products, body and hand lotions, dirty hands or clothes, and nervous rubbing on bonded leather can speed up the breaking down of the fabric.

A fabric care code will be on or near the law tag. W = water, S = solvent, & X = you might be on your own!

Furniture warranties are big business. They don't cover paws, claws, or beaks. Take your pets habits and cleanliness into consideration before you buy. The more you spend, the more you should consider a warranty.

I hope this helps!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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