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I too am going through the "DuraBlend Fiasco", I have called the extended warranty company, Montage Furniture Services (denied claim), Ashley Furniture Store (who had me call their consumer affairs/parts dept) and was told all they could do was send me a chunk of repair material for $80. I would then have to pay an installer. I paid $249.00 for the Premier Combination Plan on 2/17/13, and have never felt so cheated in my life! The recliner...
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I liked
  • Original sales rep was super friendly
5 years ago I purchased furniture and a $249.99 warranty with the promise that if it wasn't used I would get it back. A few months ago I bought a sofa sleeper but couldn't use my warranty return because 5 years were not up until May 17. Today I went in to buy the chair that matches my sofa. I was told that I have to spend $500. To use that warranty refund and cannot get the sale price. This is totally different from what I was told by two...
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  • Salesperson
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  • Costumer service
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