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My wife and i purchased a 1400 leather loveseat couch from Ashley furniture in Burbank CA, in August of 2014, last summer. We purchased an expensive ($180) "protection warranty" from Ashley to cover Specifically Cat Urine.

We were told, since we are pet owners, that cat urine stains or odors would be %100 covered by Ashley's warranty. Lo and behold, Ashley is not in any way connected to the protection warranty! Ha! Imagine that.

A humongous, multi-million dollar corporation, having a protection warranty plan through a 3rd party carrier, GUARDSMAN. Guardsman has an archaic and utterly backwards claims policy, and promises to "inspect, clean and repair/replace/refund your damaged furniture." WRONG!! They only exist as a loophole for Ashley to push this bogus coverage on their naive customers. As we might have expected, although never planned, while we were away on a trip last week a storm in LA blew the cat bathroom door shut (our fault) and our cat was trapped outside their litter box.

Hence they peed on the leather loveseat couch. Immediately after learning of this accident, my friend who was watching our cats for the week informed me that it needed to be cleaned immediately. According to Guardsman's policy, it is necessary to blot the stain with water before having a Guardsman "Technician, haha" come and service the furniture. well, GUESS WHAT?!?!

we call Ashley furniture to hear from a number of very enthusiastic and positive Ashley staff members that "CAT URINE IS 100 PERCENT COVERED, JUST REPORT THE CLAIM TO GUARDSMAN, AND THEY WILL SEND SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY". Let me just clue a few folks reading that don't own cats, regarding CAT URINE STAINS. If they're not cleaned immediately, they will RUIN A COUCH, BED/MATTRESS, CARPET, etc. My wife and I and our neighbor who was watching our cats are not ***.

We realized the urgency of this accident, and did our due diligence, reporting the accident to Ashley Furniture on Jan 6, Wednesday. Lo and behold, GUARDSMAN's ENTIRE PHONE SYSTEM WAS DOWN ON WEDNESDAY. What are the odds!!!!!! We wait an entire 24 hour period to hear from them, (of course, no one calls me, of course not) and i get a lovely agent on the phone from Guardsman, who files a "warranty claim" for me over the phone.

But guess what!?! They can't do anything for me, because a Technician needs to come out an "Inspect the furniture". Yo, there is NOTHING to inspect! The couch is ruined.

Cat *** will DESTROY A LEATHER LOVESEAT THAT HAS SEATS THAT DO NOT COME OUT. We knew this. It was so obvious. Yet Guardsman, in their incredible disregard for their customers time, money and energy, tell me that their unbelievably archaic claims process involves not just a phone claim, but an email form, that creates a PDF that , get this, in the year 2016, is required to be SNAIL MAILED TO GUARDSMAN TO COMPLETE THE CLAIM.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah, because guess WHAT!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! We return on Monday night at 4am in the morning in Los Angeles to find out from our neighbor that he HAS NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY GUARDSMAN WHATSOEVER. He was watching our cats, and was around all week to let the Guardsman technician in. So we wait until it turns 8:30 AM to call the Guardsman 1-800 number that was given to me "Just incase a technician doesn't call us".

Well guess what, you scam artists!!! IF YOU LET A CAT URINE STAIN SIT ON A COUCH AND DON'T COME INTERVENE, THE COUCH IS RUINED AND OUR APARTMENT WILL SMELL LIKE CAT ***!!! They could care less. They answer the phone, one guy, who simply could be replaced by a computer program.

He basically gave me an automated response: "Your case was forwarded to our guardsman technician, and he will come service your furniture SOMETIME IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!??!?!!?!?!?" We made the claim on Wednesday, and since the phones were down, We were told its not our fault. We made the claim thursday and leaving the couch in our apartment to fester all week, come home to find out that GUESS WHAT!? The soonest this bogus technician can come out will be WEDNESDAY THE FOLLOWING WEEK!!!!! At that point i lost it.

I spent several hours (not exaggerating) being bounced back from Ashley furniture who sounds so completely understanding and sympathetic to our problem, yet Can't Do Anything About It! Guess what multi-million dollar corporation ASHLEY, you guys are SELLING BOGUS WARRANTY COVERAGE ON YOUR FURNITURE AND YOU KNOWWWWWW ITTTTTTTTTT! Guardsman told me that if we want our couch to be inspected and "Cleaned" (hahahahah you cant clean a cat *** stained couch after waiting two weeks) We need to LEAVE IT IN OUR HOUSE UNTIL NEXT WEEK WHEN THEIR BRILLIANT TECHNICIAN WILL (MAYBE) COME TO OUR HOUSE TO "CLEAN IT".) Well i'll tell you what, Fool me once shame on you and FOOL ME TWICE SAME ON ME. I'm not dumb enough to wait around in my apartment, like literally hundreds of other reviewers online who had this same SCAM affect them, While some hypothetical technician, who lives in orange county or San Diego btw, can come out.

The Technician service line told me that some customer was causing a problem with their schedule (WHAT?!) and that if this person cancels, i can be seen as soon as tomorrow! Wow, what joy! a whole week already and now these scam artists are trying to convince me to WAIT ANOTHER WEEK. Well at that point i had it.

I told them that thanks to their delay in intervening, and thanks to Ashley tricking me into buying a protection plan that is designed to dupe the consumer out of getting a refund on their damaged furniture, My 1400 love seat is completely ruined. If we didn't get the protection "Plan", we would have purchased a simple plastic cover for our couch. But instead, we were instructed to WAIT. the Guardsman people would not give out their last name.

They would not give me the technician's name or number. They would NOT GIVE ME A PROPER ESTIMATE ON WHEN THE TECHNICIAN WOULD COME OUT. They only insisted that i (Get this) submit my claim through the mail!!! DUDE, my couch is covered in cat ***!!

Am i supposed to wait until the glorious day that a technician, supposedly comes to my apartment to fix it, and in the mean time leave the cat *** stains to fester and stain my entire house with *** smell?!?!!? That is precisely what i was told to do. Every single person i spoke to seemed to want to help, but was completely indifferent to the urgency of our situation. A massive, corporate entity like Ashley Furniture, has the ability to have a legitimate protection plan with actual service men and women who are capable of responding to an accident claim IN LESS THAN A WEEK - TWO WEEKS OR MORE.

If you don't believe me, read one of the literally hundreds of extremely negative reviews about this bogus company. We will NEVER SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE AGAIN. We will boycott Ashley and i will make it a point to tell each and every single person i know that is interested in buying furniture to never buy a single item in their store that requires any kind of protection. Folks, my wife and i learned the hard way that if you're interested in protecting your furniture, buy a mattress cover or a specially fitted couch cover because Guardsman specifically exists to make it impossible for a consumer to get what they paid for.


Since theres no sense wasting any more time and energy, all i can do is hopefully inform other fellow shoppers that Guardsman is a SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ashley Furniture Pros: Furniture purchase.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Scammed by fake warranty protection.

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