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The Ashley Furniture Store in Pflugerville, TX is guilty of lying to customers to make a sale, and then management refusing to correct it. I bought a table with chairs at their store from a sales rep named Marquesa.

At the time of sale she breezed through the fine print with me and just pointed to each paragraph and explained it in layman's terms. She was a long time employee so I assumed she was familiar with each clause she explained to me. She told me I had 48 hrs from the time it was delivered to return it for a full refund "so I could make sure it fit in my home". She also told me they would price match any better deal.

I specifically asked her, "what about a buyers club?" and she replied, "no one has ever asked me that, but sure, it won't be a problem." 4 days later I tried to cancel because my buyers club gave me a better deal--I still had not been delivered the furniture (and do not have it to this day). Ashley refused to refund me. The sales rep had told me wrong and the policy was 48 hrs from the time of sale, and no buyers club match. customer service told me I would have to talk directly to the store.

The store told me to talk to Marquesa. Marquessa flat out denied she told me 48 hrs from the time of delivery (liar!), but she did admit to telling me she would price match a buyers club. She told me to come in the next day, talk to Chris Jones (manager) and he would price match it. I came in the next day and Chris had no idea what I was talking about.

He refused to do anything. I spoke with the Regional manager there (Michael Carter) and he gave me the runaround like a seasoned pro. Basically telling me since he never had a problem with Marquessa before, I must be lying. refused to refund my money or price match, even though I had them verify the price on the speakerphone right in front of him.

Even though Marquesa admitted to the price match, Michael Carter refuses to honor what his salesperson tells customers. Not an ounce of integrity in that man, or the Ashley furniture store in Pflugerville, TX.

when they refund me my money, I will delete this post. My name is Miguel Salas and I would NOT recommend Ashley Furniture, Marquesa, or Michael Carter in Pflugerville, TX.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sales Manager.

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They SUCk yes they are liars had the same experience


Wow is this what the economy has come to or do sales people lack integrity? I think it is a combination of salespeople trying to make a living and inconsiderate and greedy customers that work people to death to save a dollar with no consideration for what is really fair.

We customers take up a lot of time and then do not buy anything. Some of you problem customers are not worth the time. You knew you did not intend to buy anything. Also the sales person did not build the furniture.

If the furniture is poorly built then do not accept it at delivery. If you use your charge card they will handle the disputed sale. If you have poor credit and have to use the store charge then maybe you need to stop spending money you do not have, save for the purchase and stop shopping with all of you little, crying kids and go to the park instead. I am not in sales, i am retired and I get so sick of seeing people in these stores buying stuff they cannot afford and complaining later.

I also get tired of people that work a salesperson to death so you can get something for nothing.

Have you no sense of fair play? And I know you salespeople are under a lot of pressure but tell the truth and do the right thing and God will bless you.


I've learned the hard way! Make sure it states it on your receipt-ALWAYS!

If you're not happy...I would go to the store when it is the most busiest where other customers can hear you!


@Truth, I can see how it's not feasible for a furniture store to match a buyer's club price. But I think the point here is that in order to get a sale, the sales rep admittedly said that she could.

And then management would not honor the price match (understandable), but would not give a refund either. The management should have said, "Sorry our sales rep misinformed you, and we will cancel the transaction".


Bought a dining room set and buffet to match. The buffet was built poorly.

It was not damaged by shipping, it was actually built incorrectly to where one of the legs would not fit. The other three slots for the legs was built properly. It was obvious that the woodworker knew this and tried to do some of his/her own correction to the server and just gave up. I will have to submit photos to show at a later date.

Customer Service was not good at all, I started off being nice but that did not work and I had to ask for management. This was our first purchase with this company and will be our last. Even though the company's customer service told us they will order a new one, it has been over a week and it is still not here.

I'm trying to be patient but we spent a lot of money and in this day and age when many people are unemployed and companies are would think this company would develop better customer service skills and have quality assurance at their factories before shipping out to their customers. Signed, Unhappy Customer!


Aren't those clubs the same ones who tell you to go into a retailer waste a bunch of salespersons time gathering all the information for what you want to buy...again wasting a COMMISSION-based employee's time that could better be spent taking a smoke that you can just casually stroll out feeling all the much better that YOUR mission is done and you have yet again slipped away from aiding in putting food on a saleperson's table. And now that you've "been sold" you can go back to the catalogue and order your stuff.

And I'm sure you tell these salepeople up front that you are with this club and that you have no intention of buying....YEAH RIGHT!! Who's lying now?


Well, as an owner (not of an ashley store, I can say that I have done a little price matching at times and if i were that ashley store, sir, I would have DEFINATELY matched the price for you ALL the way down to charging you the same fees you paid to be part of that buyers club.....yep they would be right there on your ticket BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T GET THOSE PRICES IF YOU WEREN'T A PAID MEMBER so why should they price match again?

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