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Bought sofa from Ashley Furniture at Ashley Furniture Homestore on 11755 Commons Drive, Springdale OH. It was delivered to me Infested with Bedbugs.

They will not take it back, they will not refund the money. The 30 day return policy obviously does not apply to them in this case. They are scammers, rude. I complained to the BBB, news stations and they have several lawsuits pending for this bedbugs problem.

Manager's name is Ed Adams who is a *** and does not know what he is talking about. No one should ever suffer from this problem with bedbugs especially thinking that you will get a brand new sofa. My house had to be sprayed three times amd my 2year old son was bit by the bedbug thanks to Ashley Furniture.

If you look them up there are so many people who purchased their furniture and it was infested with bed bugs. So beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Purchased a sectional sofa from Ashley located in Covina, and it set was delivered 2 weeks late....It wrapped in plastic and can see through that there were bugs inside and several bugs came out through openings. Scheduled for an exterminator to examine, 2 reputable companies, and the inspector verified that there were indeed termites already imbedded.

Contacted Ashley to pick up immediately and after numerous calls for pick up, they came out 3 weeks later. For precautions, we were informed to fumigate to prevent termite damage as they delivered it to our garage and the termites wings were already formed causing potential imbedding in the house structure.. Ashley states that they never heard of a bug problem and denied the claim. Fortunately we have numerous pictures along with videos and reports from the exterminator companies to assist us in proving otherwise.

To all customers looking to shop at Ashley’s... not worth the poor customer service and a waste of time and money.

There are other furniture stores that carry the same inventory they do and won’t do you this way. Take note and stay clear from Ashley’s Furniture.


I myself had the same issue I had bought furniture from Ashley in Northeast Philadelphia my mattress couch and adjustable boxspring were all infested


Purchased a mattress from Ashley May 6th 2019, infested with bugs. According to them, since the mattress is wrapped they don't cover them. Never buying from them again, and I will tell everyone I know to never shop their again.


Purchased mattress from Ashley Furniture in Benton, Arkansas. Bed bilugs!!!!


I purchased a lift chair in October, 2018, from Amazon. It was delivered the middle of October; shortly after Thanksgiving, bed bugs began appearing.

After initial treatment (which I applied), I gave up and hired a professional exterminator. I had to remove EVERYTHING but the furniture from my apartment - which meant having to rent a storage trailer and keep a few changes of clothing in my car. Of course, "It isn't Ashley's fault" and they won't even talk to me .

This is the worse thing I have ever been through in all the 80 years of my life. My next step is to hire a lawyer; I have never sued anyone before, but so far this $600.00 chair has cost me nearly $4000.00.


I purchased a lift chair from Ashley back in October that was heavily infested with bed bugs. They too do not want to refund my money nor do they want it back (I don't blame them).

It was manufactured in China where they use old mattresses for their stuffing. Doc.


I too purchased a bedroom suit from Ashley, in buford ga only for my suit to be infested with bedbugs!!!I am so pissed!!!!


I purchased a headboard and dresser from them and the headboard was infested with bedbugs. I never had them so after doing research and seeing bites, I was furious.

I had to wash my whole house and still was seeing them. Until i was told that they can live in the carpet.

I am 7 months pregnant and have to deal with starting all over. Can someone please give me so.e advice.


I purchased a sections and a recliner from Ashley I. new Hampshire in April 2018.

In June we started noticing bug bites then actually found some bugs in the couch and chair. I've never had this problem before. I'm going to contact the store but from what I hear they are not helpful at all and ill probably be out $1500.

Ive had a pest control guy come out numerous times and another exterminator is coming this week. I'm furious!!!!

@Jessica Ditty

I have had the same problem...I purchase mine around the same time and I'm in Midland Texas. I'm pissed

@Jessica Ditty

I purchased a lift chair from Ashley Furniture in Charleston, WV, last fall. Shorty after receiving it, bed bugs began to appear.

Ashley wouldn't take it back, nor would they refund me the price.

Once I am rid of the infestation, (I had to hire a professional exterminator) and the final expenses are compiled (as well as pain and suffering for me - and the dog, I will be bringing suit against them. Meanwhile, I managed to capture a hand full of the little fellows and scoop up some of their eggs, put them in a couple of medicine bottles, made a visit back to Ashley, and released them!


well thats nice, congrats on giving future customers bugs


you just infested more people out of pettiness.


Why would you do that? That's the most disgusting and narcissistic thing anyone could ever do, cause it's all about you, isn't it?

Not once did you stop to think that you just did to someone else what was done to you and like Ashley you are a jerk if you knowingly did it. Well, what goes around comes around.


I returned a couch today and while they were taking off the cushions, I realized bug eggs. I am wondering if any of them got on my carpet and are going to get on my new couch


Did you get a lawyer involved?


I'm in Garfield Heights. Pretty sure my couch is infested as well.

At home depot now getting supplies to see. Found two bugs.


had them after receiving living set they are the worst

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