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We purchased a wooden dining room table from Ashley back in May. After just a few months, we noticed any heat or moisture was causing our dark table to turn white in spots.

I called Ashley to file a claim in October, just 5 months after the purchase, within the manufacturers warranty. They said they would send a technician out from Saw Enterprise to fix our table after they saw the pictures I sent in of the table. 3 weeks later, the tech arrives to not do the work, but take his own pictures. He could not believe our table was discoloring like that and said in my kitchen that we would need a whole new table, that the issue could not be fixed.

A week goes by and I never heard from Ashley regarding our claim and the technicians report. I called, and the unprofessional rep told me that the report from the technician said there were no defects and the claim was closed. I argued with her to speak to a manager for 15 minutes before she agreed to put me on hold for a manager. I waited for a manager for 40 minutes-his name is Shuntez, ID #058.

Shuntez told me the most he could do is contact Saw Enterprise to speak to the representative that gave the bogus report regarding my table- Shuntez guaranteed me he would call me on Monday to keep me updated. Monday rolls around, Shuntez did not call me- WHAT A SURPRISE! I called Ashley on Tuesday asking for Shuntez- he would not come to the phone and speak to me. A rep spoke to me however and told me that they were still waiting on Saw Enterprise to get back to them.

I took it upon myself to call Saw Enterprise myself. I called and spoke to the manager, Diamond, and she told me that in order to move forward with my claim with Ashley, that they would have to send a second technician out for a second opinion with Ashley's consent. I'm guessing consent was given because Diamond had a new technician scheduled to come out and look at my table. Weeks go by and the new tech comes out.

He seems older and more professional than the last. He spends much more time looking at the table and agrees that there is a manufacturing issue. He told us it looks as if there was no sealant put on our wood so that is the reason any moisture on our table causes conspicuous white spots. After talking to him for approx.

30 minutes and him in awe as to why no sealant was put on the wood- he shows us his report on his phone he had typed up in my kitchen which verifies everything I have been saying and he was saying in my kitchen about no sealant be prevalent, and we went on with our day. Weeks go by, I hear nothing from Ashley. I call Ashley to see what the status is, and they tell me my claim is closed and that I need to contact GBS (Ashley's Extended Protection Plan Company) and file a claim with them because it is their problem. I call GBS and the rep there told me that since it was less than a year old, and the problem was not from anything I did to the table, that it is a manufacturers defect, however out of the kindness of his heart hearing my horrific story with Ashley, he took out a claim number for me and requested my Saw Enterprise reports from Ashley get sent to him.

I called Ashley and asked them to send over both Saw Enterprise reports to GBS just in case they would help me. Another week goes by, I hadn't heard anything from either entity. I called Saw to see if they got the reports which they had. They tell me they are sorry but my claim is closed and it is definitely a manufacturers issue and Ashley would have to take the claim.

I am in tears at this point about ready to blow up! I did NOT want to call those incompetent, unhelpful, and unprofessional reps and managers at Ashley again- but I did. I called Ashley immediately and asked to speak to a manager- who do I get? - Shuntez, ID#058, who did not want to help me to begin with and who does not keep his own word.

He proceeds to tell me that my claim with Ashley is closed and that the techs report says there were no defects. I explained to him that I personally saw the tech write the report and read it before he sent it over and that it clearly said there was no sealant on my table. Shuntez then put me on hold and supposedly called the tech. He gets back on the phone with me and says he just talked to the tech and the tech said there are no defects with my table.

I asked Shuntez for a copy of his report and he could not provide me with it. Then Shuntez contradicts himself and says they cannot take what the techs say as final word, and even though the tech says there is no sealant, there is not enough proof to justify that claim. I then get heated asking him why Ashley even hires a company to come out and look at furniture if they won't take their word as professionals when something needs to be fixed and/or replaced?..... Shuntez had nothing to say to that.

Shuntez was by far the worst customer service manager I have ever dealt with; he clearly has zero regard for Ashley customers and helping them. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM HERE AGAIN!!!

This company is full of crooks, within and through third party entities, you cannot trust any of them! DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Anytime you put hot plates on a table top the heat will leave a mark.

Potatoes on a plate are the worst.

The holidays were always good for a half dozen ruined table tops.

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