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Sectional was delivered 1.5 weeks ago.Since then I have experienced nausea, headaches, muscle pain, respiratory distress, and even skin reaction when being in the same room as the sofa.

The sofa initially had a funny smell, it reminded me of a high school science lab. I looked up "formaldehyde sofa" on google and learned that formaldehyde can be used in flame retardants, upholstery, and engineered wood. I looked up symptoms of exposure to formaldehyde and my symptoms are spot on. When I leave the house everything clears up in about 20 minutes and I feel normal.

When I come home I get sick again and feel muddle brained and weak. When I called Ashley they said "it meets government standards", but I'm not sure how that can be since it is making me so terribly sick. Now we are in a pickle because the couch has no return policy unless it is defective. Ashley said it could be considered defective if it is emitting too many fumes, but how could I ever prove that.

The lady on the phone said "you're just having an allergic reaction- if you have an allergic reaction to a cat it doesn't make the cat defective." But I have NEVER had a reaction to any piece of furniture like this EVER IN MY LIFE!!!

And I actually am allergic to cats and I know what that feels like, itchy eyes, runny nose.This is not like an allergy, this is like a toxic shock to my entire system.

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Monetary Loss: $750.

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I'm experiencing the exact same problem I've been sick now for eight months ⁿ it all started when I bought the new furniture and I am getting a doctor to currently work on and prove this and once I do they're either going to give me a piece of furniture without it of equal value or have to give me the money back

Chino Hills, California, United States #1327323

bought 1 sofa and 2 accent chairs from Ashely in May 2016, now after almost one year they still produce strong smell.

We went to Ashely store for complaints.

The manager refused to return or exchange. Reasons:1 the sofa was in my home for nearly 1 year. although they were still within warranty, smell were not covered by warranty.2 the technician went to check saying no smell. He keeped saying 1 year was too long, so they could do nothing.But long time only means that the smell issue was even more serious.

They only keep blaming customer, but the root cause is the poor quality of their products.It is their products causing the smell, not us!!!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1272091

Just purchased a sofa and love seat made of microfiber from Ashley furniture.

Ever since I moved in to my apt., I'm having major allergies and respiratory problems.

I can't live like this with it being so toxic.

Planning to call them today.

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #1207958

We purchased a sofa and love seat in 2009 from Ashley Furniture.Even as the years went by we all had headaches, I was wheezing and coughing whenever sitting on the sofa or the love seat.

My son developed hives and wheezing when he touched the sofa and it had this chemical smell off gassing, all the time!!! We got rid of the set, the company (Ashley Firniture) offered us to replace the set, however, given the history of their toxic furniture we declined their offer.

They refused to give money back or any other deals.I want to speak out because seeing my child break out in hives and wheezing from a piece of furniture was absolutely horrible!!!!


I purchase several sets of Ashley furniture too and have the same issue. They smell bad even though I keep opening my windows most of the time to ensure air ventilation for about a year. Yesterday I just put a formaldehyde testing kit in one of the drawer of my set of alisdair, and it indicats that the formaldehyde concentration is FIVE times higher than the legitimate level (0.5mg/cubic) meter!

to Anonymous Wichita, Kansas, United States #1212882

Talk to a attorney.

Redding, California, United States #1030988

It's apparent that this site may be controlled by those affiliated with Ashley in some way, interesting to see comments posted that have been altered and or deleted!!


I purchased the ashley heflin ebony sofa loveseat and two ottoman about two weeks ago- getting ready for football season.I love the look and feel of these pieces.

I'm getting concerned that the fumes from the furniture off gassing are not going away. I hope it goes away because I love the furniture.

I purchased the furniture from a local furniture store and they ordered it and I don't have any problem with the store or delivery guys it's not their fault.We will see how it goes.


You are right.we purchase two night stands, one king size bed and one 5 drawers chest.

Now after almost 4 months there are still strong smell in the room.We have to lock up the room.


Thanks for posting this.You're right.

Very toxic.

Just bought one of their couches and the smell is unbearable.The manager of the store is willing to take it back but says he's never received a complaint like this.

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