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Sectional was delivered 1.5 weeks ago. Since then I have experienced nausea, headaches, muscle pain, respiratory distress, and even skin reaction when being in the same room as the sofa.

The sofa initially had a funny smell, it reminded me of a high school science lab. I looked up "formaldehyde sofa" on google and learned that formaldehyde can be used in flame retardants, upholstery, and engineered wood. I looked up symptoms of exposure to formaldehyde and my symptoms are spot on. When I leave the house everything clears up in about 20 minutes and I feel normal.

When I come home I get sick again and feel muddle brained and weak. When I called Ashley they said "it meets government standards", but I'm not sure how that can be since it is making me so terribly sick. Now we are in a pickle because the couch has no return policy unless it is defective. Ashley said it could be considered defective if it is emitting too many fumes, but how could I ever prove that.

The lady on the phone said "you're just having an allergic reaction- if you have an allergic reaction to a cat it doesn't make the cat defective." But I have NEVER had a reaction to any piece of furniture like this EVER IN MY LIFE!!!

And I actually am allergic to cats and I know what that feels like, itchy eyes, runny nose. This is not like an allergy, this is like a toxic shock to my entire system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Exactly same thing is happening to me and my family. My nose and skin irritate a lot.


Same problem


my wife is having the same issues! we just purchased a fabric love seat with console nov 2018. same deal ashly wont exchange etc

to gdrew #1601093

I’m so sorry. Print out all the comments here.

Take to manager. Threaten to file w/ BBB unless they take it back.


Ever since we got our sectional my husband has been having issues. Eyes swelled, hives. We went away for week vacation, all problems went away, we covered up couch all problems went away.


I am having the same problem with Ashley Furniture Dura-leather couch.


I am allergic to a chair I bought from them, but this is more like Hives. Every time I sit in it I get bumps that itch terribly on my elbows mostly and some on the back of the legs. I heard about some spray that china uses that people can be allergic to.


Tried to get info on dining table warranty, could not get anyway to get to contact Them. I just wanted information, We have flaws on Our table, and wanted to contact someone, but there is no way to reach anyone. We did have a warranty, but I guess is worthless!!


I bought a new sofa but from a Canadian furniture company. It has an awful smell that just doesn't go away.

I can't sit near the arms because it seems to be concentrated in those parts. It reminds me of stinky feet. Like some toenail fungus or even like animal urine. Please, what is that?

Is that the smell of formaldehyde? I was not expecting this for a Canadian company since furniture is not transported overseas, so no chemicals needed. I read on another site a description of new sofa can be like pungent pickles and nasty odors. Yes that can be my sofa smell too like pickles- I guess that is fermented so close to toenail fungus.

I tried steam ironing the arms but the smell came back. I hate my sofa and I paid more than a $1000.


Ever since my husband and I bought our Ashley furniture he has been to every dr out there for his itchy painful eyes. No allergies.

We started taking out stuff we had bought which is all Ashley furniture and that is the only way he is getting any better. Our whole household is Ashley.

Ugh. We are out tons of money.


i had the same thing happen to me with a city furniture couch ... same thing only they gave me a credit in their store of $300 which i did not want ...

I wanted my $2000 dollars back... they told me I could get a different couch . I asked if they would guarantee no smell, they could not so I said no. I have refused for two years to sit on that couch because of the nausea and headaches.

We bought a couch from Laz Z boy although expensive , i asked is they could guarantee no smell and they said yes no smell we do not use fire retardants in their products. Happy to say they were right!!


I have had my leather recliner several months and I couldn’t figure out what was smelling in my house. It’s the darn recliner. Does Ashley furniture do anything about this problem, any luck with refunds?

to Rose g #1439367

I'm trying to remember, I think we returned it but lost a hefty restocking fee, and had to pay delivery to get it back to the store.It was worth it to get rid of it though.


Bought a Dylan Durablend recliner from local furniture outlet & it smells like vinyl drenched in kerosine!!!!!!!!I am in my 40s & bought A LOT of furniture in my life time!

I have NEVER had a piece of furniture smell toxic past a couple of hours after off gassing. I have had this for WEEKS now & even sit it out on my screened porch all day to no avail.

Still smells as strongly toxic as it did when I first opened it!!!! I have now removed it from inside my house & the air still reeks of it even with my ceiling fan directly over where it was on high & all of my windows open!

This smell got into my clothes & skin & gave me severe headaches, made my nose develop swollen turbinates, & chronic cough from lingering in my head & chest. Also, made my whole family lethargic immediately upon bringing it in (took us awhile to piece that connection together) This was manufactured in 2017 & carried the California label banning flame retardants from the 2015 law. So, trying to figure out why SOOOOO toxic!

Shows made in USA with imported parts.

Store refused to take it back & Ashley continues to refuse & acknowledge this as a problem at all. Will NEVER buy an Ashley piece ever again!!!!!

Just for the record, the chair I was replacing was a Simmons Harbortown from Big Lots that was very cheap, but even it did not smell toxic like this chair, but it did end up peeling after about 3 years, which is OK for what I paid for it.Hope we all get our health back after getting this chemical junk piece out of the house!

to Jay #1481580

Did Your nose symptoms clear up after getting rid of it?? I have similar issue

to Mmk1981 #1506952

Yes, It took about 2 weeks with windows & fans on everyday all day to finally exit the area & for the air in the house to return to normal. All symptoms cleared up immediately upon removal & gradually got better from there. The main thing is getting it OUT of your house A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!


My wife and I had a similar experience. We purchased a wood desk for my home office and a wood bookshelf for hers.

I assembled the desk for my office last week and it produced a strong wood stain like smell that made me feel sick to my stomach with a headache.

I felt better when I stayed out of that room for a day or two. The next week we assembled her bookshelf in her office and she experienced the same symptoms.


I'm posting this on any blogs related to Ashley Furniture. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS "DECEPTIVE PRACTICES" COMPANY!

We purchased an expensive recliner from them -NEVER were told of their NO RETURN policy and it's not in their 1 page contract.

The chair has been outgassing since it was left here several weeks ago. It has not lessened. The rude response from the salespeople has only served to compel me to alert others. I told them of my reactions to many chemicals and they told me there is NO leakage of odor --they've never received a complaint from other customers!

I have been having symptoms since the day the chair was delivered (dizziness,stuffy nose, bleeding). There was NO paperwork given to me -they claim they have absolutely NONE. There are NO labels on or underneath the recliner. They refuse to take the chair back, and refuse to offer some printed statement of how to clean or 'de-gas' their product.

Evil people. Shame on anyone who works for them.


I experienced the same with an Ashley Furniture Bedroom set. Made me horribly sick, when I would leave my house or travel with work I would get better, then would get sick after the first night back in my house.

Ashley Furniture told me that they would not take the furniture back, no refunds. Who does business this way? I am confident there are toxic chemicals and materials used in their furniture. They source all furniture from Vietnam who's standards are not the same as US standards for product safety.

Do not buy furniture from this company. Protect yourself and your family.

to Ron #1451998

Ashley sources from Vietnam but all product is still supposed to meet a strict quality standard. Most Ashley furniture are franchise though.

If they are refusing to work with you it is a franchise fault not the corporate. Different franchise will have unfortunately different views how to serve guests.

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