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Stay Away! Ashley Furniture is TOXIC!!! They have a very strong and irritant smell which has lasted for almost a year, even though I have tried my best to remove the toxic odor and keep opening my windows most of the time to ensure air ventilation.

My husband coughed for more than a month when we first received the furniture, and my nose is very allergic to their odor.

I put a formaldehyde testing kit in one of the drawer of their furniture, and the result indicats that the formaldehyde concentration is FIVE times higher than the legitimate level!!!

I tried to warn other people about this and keep them away from Ashley’s toxic furniture, but I found that my some of my online reviews were erased (I won’t cease fighting!) and Ashley never takes it seriously!!! I also reported to the Better Business Bureau twice, when I first successfully contacted the customer representative of Ashley and asked if they have any certified documents proving those furnitures meet the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act of TSCA, they replied no. After that they just keep ignoring me!!!

Moreover, I found that quite a few people experienced the same issue http://ashley-furniture.pissedconsumer.com/ashley-furniture… (they must have been aware of this, the website seemed to be somehow manipulated lately)

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I wish I had saw your review before I bought from them. I had this same issue,and when I called them about it, they said "We do not use any chemicals", I told them they were full of *** and I was not gonna waste my time fighting with them over it, I could smell it.

They than told me "You bought it, it is yours now" My reply was very rude and not something I can post here.

They are the worse company I have ever dealt with!

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