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Roseanne Morano cus id: 3362983252 Ashley/ Greensboro, NC I purchased a Portica/nutmeg leather sofa on 3/20/2007,along with a Guardsman five year elite protection plan.I had it almost 3 years and noticed my sofa started to peel where my husband sits and I called Ashley Furniture who referred me to GUARDSMAN.

Guardsman said there was no coverage for peeling. I can't believe how many complaints are listed for peeling leather from Ashley Furn. It looks like a defect to me. One of the tags attached to the furniture said "Leather, much like any natural material is defined by its own distinct markings an characteristics, Environmental factors, age and wear cause slight imperfecttions in th hide, but do not affect the beauty and durability.

The peeling is affecting the beauty and durability.Please contact me: 336 298 3252

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We are having the same problem with a leather couch purchased from Ashley.It's a year old and is already peeling in several places.

The Guardsman Elite 5 year protection plan won't cover it.Ashley sucks and I will never buy anything from them again!


did bbb help you? like to hear abt the outcome.

Conyers, Georgia, United States #755735

My sofa and loveseat are peeling too!!Guardsman said theyd send a tech out to see how much they will CHARGE me to repair it.

Ive only had them for 5 years!!Pissed!


We have the same problem too. I stopped shopping at Ashley and will never deal with them again. I am now replacing my couches which did not last for 3 years.

Amarillo, Texas, United States #730051

We bought a leather sectional almost two years ago from Ashley furniture and it has started to peel.The warranty company they were using denied us our claim.

We visited the store and spoke with a manager who advised they had changed companies and we should contact them. They also denied our claim for the peeling. Ashley did agree to repair the peeling sections eating the cost; however, there are new places popping up now.

I do not want to have to go through this every other week.I have put in a claim with the BBB and hope to get a replacement soon.

Santa Rosa, California, United States #719876

We bought two "leather" couches and chair from Ashley all of them are peeling badly. Will not return to Ashley furniture. No Good!

Ellettsville, Indiana, United States #582883

I am overwhelmed to hear so many are having the same issues.I was searching for some remedy to repair my sofa that I purchased to be leather, but the peeling and flaking is leading me to beleive ASHLEY FURNITURE company is selling fake leather.

I bought my sofa in 2008 now it looks horrible in the spot mostly used the material is peeling and flaking up.Any suggestions to stop the process or fix it?


We have the exact same problem and it sounds like they have made sure their contract is written to deal with this problem.Ignore customer issue and keep selling these cheap Chinese sofas.

Who out there has found a way to repair it for the time being? I can't afford a new sofa and we have the recliner in the sofa combo. I read about surefit sofa covers - anyone have a way to hide the issues?

I'm thinking of a vinyl repair kit and then covering it with a sofa cover.At least I can get a little more time out of it.


contact the bbb and pray for help they sell *** take it from someone who tries to repair there ***


its pleather made from plastic cows

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