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I purchsed a leather sofa and love seat on 12/12/16.The loveseat was delivered on 12/14/16 but I was told the sofa was on back order. The love seat was torn upon delivery and I was told a tech would come to acess and repair. He arrive on 12/27 and said he would replace an arm. I refused and wanted NEW loveseat. 12/28/16 the sofa arrived also damaged. I refused to accept delivery and asked for full refund his response was "someone will contact...
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Anonymous This issue was resolved. I received a full refund but only after 6 phone calls and 4 store visits.

,We bought a couch and love seat , the couch was fine but the love seat was damaged, refused to take it, they said the would send a new replacement, They resent me the same broken love seat that we refused ,we didn't notice it until we went to move it, that the frame and leg was broken, and because of the 24 hour rule ,they the only thing they would do is send a repairman out to see if it could be repaired if not they would send another...
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Bought a dual power reclinging love seat, was delivered without the electronics.The delivery guy just wanted to leave. So after 6 calls to various folks I now have to wait 6 more weeks to get a correct unit? Really and oh by the way, they already got paid. NOT. So now I have to talk to the head of "customer service" and let them know or my Credit card company, this bird doesn't fly. A customer not delivered the right thing still has first in...
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It's defective and Ashley Furniture should quit selling it and offer to repair defective units. PS I have a brother-in -law that purchased a travel trailer that had this same recliner in the living area. It started peeling after they had owned the trailer a little over a year. Bad news is that it is in a slide out section and they cannot get it out of the trailer without incurring a lot of expense. Too bad- Ashley is getting a black eye over...
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We did not want to accept it on delivery but we were told keep it until the new one was delivered.That was the worst idea they sent some out to fix it with new panels and he installed them on an angle so the corners didn't even line up and the sides were wavy. We called them and told them what happen with the repair and they sent someone else out and all they did is take pictures. That was the last we heard from them. Then we called our credit...
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