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I was fired because of hear say....this company is supposed to be so Christian based but are the biggest devils it is.The director Lane Cavender is a racist and thinks that black people are a disgrace to the company. They do not care about their employees nor...
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Concerned Consumer I am currently having a issue with the quality of the sofas that I purchased from Ashley Furniture and I was wondering if you had any insider information or if you worked in t...

they quoted my wife $1600 and when I got there it was $18,888 which included my down payment ! so where did my down payment go ? what is the warranty for ? why the mattress was listed at $699 and in the contract it was $799, why is my payment before I get my...
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I had a very positive experience at Ashley Home Furniture in Draper, Utah thanks to a Manager named June. When I was unhappy with a piece of furniture that was delivered she dealt with the problem immediately and to my satisfaction. The store is very lucky to have...
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  • Store manager named june in draper
  • Utah

Ashley Furniture Manager Review

Ghammasshi, store manager very rudeto meo, Walnut Creek, Calif store. And rude to a fellow employee of his, sales manager michael dorsey in front of me at the front counter while I was being checked out.
My husband and I were in the Las Vegas Ashely Furniture store off , MLK, getting ready to purchase furniture. My husband had to leave the store to go to the car to get his license, as he came back in the store, the woman that was the door greater at the time, told him...
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Anonymous It's too bad your husband didn't understand the compliment. Sometimes low self image can cloud the ability to take a compliment.


Anonymous Sometimes people are young and dumb. If the employee was younger than you get over it. Also it sounds like she was just being honest. By the way what you describe IS NOT consi...

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