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I have two broken drawer glides on a nightstand and an armoir. These are top of the line Ashley Millenium pieces that are part of an $8000,00 bedrrom set.

These two drawers have been sitting in the middle of the floor for a couple of weeks because the ball bearings fell apart when the drawers were removed to move the furniture after some flood damage in the house.

I went to the Ashley store in Albuquerque to buy replacement drawer glides and was told by a saleswoman that I had to go to the website to order them.

I went home, got on the website, found no "parts service", so I filled out the e-mail contact us form and told them I need to order replacement drawer glides. ( Of course the glides they use are proprietary and can't be purchased in a hardware store) I received the following response.

"Hello Bruce: Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. We greatly appreciate your patronage! Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement parts directly to consumers. You may contact any authorized Ashley dealer with your request. Depending on the availability of the part, the store may order the parts at a cost and request them to be shipped either to the store location or directly to your home. To obtain a list of Ashley dealers in your area, please visit our website, www.ashleyfurniture.com. Click on "Where To Shop" to search by zip code. Please note there is a tab for Ashley Furniture HomeStores and a tab for Other Fine Retailers. Sarah~Ashley Internet Communications "

I e-mailed her back that Id already been to the local store and was told I had to go to the Ashley website to order the parts. I waited a few days for a response and when I got none, I wrote anothe e-mail asking how I'm supposed to fix my very expensive Ashley furniture if no one will sell me the parts. Still, no reply.

I will not buy another Ashley product and every chance I get I will discourage everyone I know from doing business with Ashley simply because of their lousy customer service.

I am now going to have to use my woodworking skills to modify the furniture to accept a different style drawer glide.

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I agree. We purchased an expensive bedroom suite from them and can't get anyone to call us back or help.

Horrible customer service. I do NOT recommend Ashley Furniture and will not be buying from them again.


I had the same issue with living room furniture, will never purchase there again!!!


Bought a dining room set and buffet to match. The buffet was built poorly.

It was not damaged by shipping, it was actually built incorrectly to where one of the legs would not fit. The other three slots for the legs was built properly. It was obvious that the woodworker knew this and tried to do some of his/her own correction to the server and just gave up. I will have to submit photos to show at a later date.

Customer Service was not good at all, I started off being nice but that did not work and I had to ask for management. This was our first purchase with this company and will be our last. Even though the company's customer service told us they will order a new one, it has been over a week and it is still not here. I'm trying to be patient but we spent a lot of money and in this day and age when many people are unemployed and companies are closing...you would think this company would develop better customer service skills and have quality assurance at their factories before shipping out to their customers.

Do not buy from the saleswoman named IDonna in AR, she received commission off of our sale and could care less.

IF you buy from this company, do not buy from her because if you have an issue she will not help you in the slightest. Signed, Unhappy Customer!

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