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Below is my complete Better Business Bureau complaint,so you know the whole story.

COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 91065218 BetterBusiness Bureau of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.

Business Info: Ashley Furniture Home Store, Frisco, TX75034

Consumer's Original Complaint Please HELP ME!! Ipurchased a whole leather living room set from ASHLEYHOME STORE IN FRISCO on February 19, 2007. I alsopurchased the 5 year warranty. It was delivered to meon March 5th 2007. What I have is a leather recliningsofa, reclining leather love seat and leather rockerrecliner, all the same brand & material.

We have had no problems until this past week. Ourfurniture is PEELING, yes peeling. The salesmanassured me that it was 100% leather wherever ourbodies touched. I wasn't aware that genuine leatherwas supposed to PEEL, it just flakes off. It lookshorrible and it's only 9 months old!par Yesterday Icalled the insurance people and they basically told methat 'peeling' was specifically not covered, althoughstabbing with a knife was. So if I stab my couch'accidentally' they will fix it for free for 5 yearsbut since it is DEFECTIVE and PEELING it is notcovered.

I then called the Ashley Home Store where I purchasedthe furniture and asked to speak to the manager, theyasked why and I explained my problem to them. Theythen said that I would have to let a customer serviceperson know and they would take care of my problem. Iwent through the whole speech with the customerservice lady and she explained that they would behappy to come and look at my defective furniture andsee what, if anything, needed to be done about it. Iwas very upset and asked if I could just get my moneyback (since it's already paid in full) or exchange itfor some other type of REAL LEATHER furniture in theirstore. They then told me that they would 'repair' anydefective furniture or replace the cushion for up toone year then after that I am on my own. They saidthat peeling leather is not uncommon.par I have hadanother leather couch (which I still own) and it hasnever peeled, and my children were small back then andjumped all over the couch!

PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS, I just want to get my moneyback and go someplace that sells REAL LEATHERFURNITURE and will back their warranty if it isdefective! THANKS SO MUCH

Product: Sonoma Brown Reclining Sofa Item#4660388$649.76Sonoma Brown Reclining Loveseat Item#4660325 $622.40Sonoma Brown Rocker Recliner Item#4660325 $369.335 Year Premier Warranty $79.00Sales Tax $158.36Delivery $199.99

Customer ID#MAXWJ54513Sales #02197070019Purchase Date Feb 19, 2007Delivery Date March 9, 2007Sales Rep#HD93430Problem first seen Jan 1 2008

Consumer's Desired Resolution: I shopped manyfurniture stores and decided on Ashley because of thecustomer service. Since I was told when I purchasedthis furniture that it was real leather, I assumed itwas real leather. When my hard earned money was spenton that, I was hoping to keep it for many years and Iexpected it to hold up and look nice the entire timelike my other furniture has. Since the customerservice person said that they wouldn't let me exchangeit for another brand that was 100% leather, and Irequested a refund and they denied that. I wouldrather not hassle with it any longer and be able toget my money back and purchase REAL LEATHER furnitureelsewhere as soon as possible so I can enjoy what Ihave and not be embarassed to show people my cheapimitation leather furniture. I would like a 100%refund as soon as this can be resolved, I do not wantit 'repaired'

Today is January 11th, the Ashley Technician just leftmy house. He immediately saw the problem and thenstarted PEELING back more of the leather. Now there isa huge 2-3 inch spot that is totally peeled away. Hewas VERY friendly and very insightful. He told me thathe could replace the one cushion and the other 8 or sospots that are peeling he could 'paint' them when herepaired the cushion. He said that my PAINT wasPEELING off of my leather. I wasn't aware that leatherwas painted. When I showed him other pieces of leatherfurniture that I own that haven't ever peeled (butshow wear) he let me know that furniture isn't madethe same way it used to be. He said that in the pastthings had better quality and held up better.

I also told him of the extended warranty that Ipurchased that was good for 5 years, but did NOT coverpeeling leather. I told him that didn't understand whyit didn't cover that and why the manufacturer onlycovered peeling leather for one year. If it peels, itshould be replaced or refunded no matter how long youhave had it!

I expressed how unsatisfied that I was with theproduct and asked if I could just get a refund andpurchase quality furniture from a business that stoodbehind their product. He replied no, that Ashleydoesn't give refunds anymore. I asked him if he hadANY Ashley Furniture in his home, he replied NO MAAM,I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY OF THAT FURNITURE IN MY HOME. WhenI asked why, he said that it wasn't good quality. Thatis pretty sad when your own employee says that aboutyour products! I need to get this resolved, as I don'twant a couch with an orange circle on it in my familyroom.

After hearing the technicians advice and knowledge itmade me wonder why anyone does business with AshleyFurniture. I know one thing, I will not be back. Theyneed to have higher standards and make sure theircustomers are HAPPY, then they would have a greatreferrals and repeat customers.

01/25/2008 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER: I thought about it and after the ASHLEY FURNITURErepairman told me that he would NOT have ASHLEYFURNITURE in his own home because it had POOR QUALITY,the more infuriated I am that they won't refund mymoney. There are NUMEROUS reports online of otherpeople with the same problem with ASHLEY FURNITURE aswell. They don't stand behind their products and justwant to 'patch' the problem instead of make their socalled 'customers' happy. I wonder if the manager ofthe Frisco store would be ok with me bringing myPEELING FAKE LEATHER couch to the entrance of hisstore, and sat on it with my children and passed outflyers with my receipt (that shows the date ofpurchase to prove it's less than a year old and apiece of ***) along with photos of all of the peelingleather on numerous places on my couch to potentialnew victims? Maybe that would open their eyes and atthe same time SHOW PEOPLE WHAT POOR QUALITY ASHLEYFURNITURE IS!

2/13/08 I received a small package at my doorstep andwhen I opened it, there was a piece of pleather waddedup in a bag. I'm assuming this is the piece they willattempt to 'repair'.

I called A OK Repair group as soon as they opened tolet them know that I got the piece and to coordinatethe repair, since I've already missed work twice andwill miss again Monday for the RIP to be repaired, Iwould like to have the other piece fixed at the sametime. They told me it shouldn't be a problem, thatthey could fix it, but to call my warranty program andlet them know to add it to the 'work order'.I then called the warranty company and explainedeverything. They then told me that they couldn't dothat, they were two seperate companies and all theyhandle is the rips, not the peeling leather. I thenasked WHO I was supposed to contact to get thisresolved, and they replied for me to call the A OKRepair group.

I hate getting the run-around, but it seems that isall I have had lately regarding this mess. I wouldlike a COMPLETE REFUND, this is RIDICULOUS!

Feb 18, 2008 Well, today yet another run around story!AMAZING! The tech from A OK repair group came, aspromised. This is the THIRD time so far I have had to*** of work for this horrible piece of furniture,and yet the saga continues. He said he COULD NOTrepair the peeling leather (which I assumed he would)then started taking pictures of the rip in the seam.He said he could not repair it so he would need toorder a replacement part (IMAGINE THAT!) and as soonas it came in, I could make yet ANOTHER appointment toget that section of the piece of JUNK FURNITURE fixed.

SO, now I will have a MINIMUM of FOUR times I mustleave my job for ASHLEY FURNITURE TO ATTEMPT to repairtheir defective furniture. My job is on the line now,I can't imagine what it will be like when I tell themI need to *** at LEAST two more times for this!DO YOU KNOW OF ANY PLACES OF BUSINESS THAT ALLOWSTHEIR EMPLOYEES TO *** OF WORK SIX TIMES IN LESSTHAN TWO MONTHS? I sure don't.

AGAIN, I BEG, I NEED MY MONEY BACK ASAP to end thishorror story and get my life back. My husband hascalled TOM from the FRISCO store and left THREEMESSAGES NOW and he has yet to return any calls,IMAGINE THAT! This is totally ridiculous and horriblecustomer service and I tell AND SHOW everyone I knowmy furniture and tell them the horrible way I havebeen treated, all of the run around I have had and letthem decide for themselves where they want to shop!HELP ME PLEASE!


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i went to ashley furniture store this week, and the girl stated to me it was top grain leather, (cadillac) best leather there was, no worry about peeling or cracking....(massena, ny), january 2, 2017, flemings fine furniture (malone ny) i bought a power reclining couch and chair, they also told me it wouldn't peel, 100 percent cowhide, warranty a lifetime,,,i bought it, had it delivered to my home, there was 8 things wrong with the couch and chair, kept bugging them for a new living room set, wouldn't give one, only parts...my uncle is 96 yrs old, my cousin 67 yrs old, sat on the couch, started cracking..i called the store ask for my money back on credit card, i disputed it got my money back...under no circumstances will i buy from fleming fine furniture again, or ashley's furniture, i had a vibe that you caan't get good quality leather furniture anymore...i went to norwoods furniture in norwood, new york excellent people for service, and not afraid to answer all questions....i am buying a living room set from them that is not leather...thank you, for posting that page from customer above...they should get there money back...


the something is happening to me with PEELING LEATHER



Same peeling durablend issue.

Thorsby, Alabama, United States #1038604

Ditto, ditto, ditto & ditto.I have the same problem with my Ashley (leather????) furniture.

Ashley's warranties like so many other manufacturer's warranties of foreign made consumer goods, is not worth the paper it's written on.I have had to learn the hard way that a warranty is only as good as the person or business that you hand your hard earned money to at time of purchase, not the manufacturer.


I have the same problem. This furniture is junk!


This is my story.Even from the waded up bag.

Exactly what they have said to you.

Do they have a script they teach these people?Wow....you have no idea how exactly the same our stories are!!


Oh my gosh!This is my story.

I was even told to stab mine or spill fingernail polish remover on it. After a social media frenzy bcause I was getting nowhere with customer service, they decided to replace all the cushions. The recliners are ripping apart in the same locations. So today I get one of the cushions from UPS.

It has to small holes punched in it from the factory. When reclined these holes get larger and rip the furniture. I am working w the BBB and Attorney General. I will never ever purchase another thing.

I too wanted a refund but they wont budge.:(

Burleson, Texas, United States #951521

Same here girl!!


Same problem peeling sectional

Ashley sent out replacement cover but wanted to charge to put in on. buy the time we received the replacement piece it started peeling some where else

to *** off in ohio #972503

Same story as mine.

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