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I purchased something on Friday night, went in to cancel the purchase the following Sunday. They are charging me a 15% restocking fee.

I feel like such a fool for ever shopping there in the first place. I am going to see if I can fight it, but Ashley Furniture told me that the 3 day grace period is not their policy. They lied to me at time of purchase, and then followed their lie up with charging me money. I think they should be reported!!

They must teach their salesman what to say.

Do not trust Ashley Furniture and do not believe their sales people.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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The Law says you have the right to cancel ANY contract within 3 business days. This may be waived in some states.

So all consumers should make sure they know their states laws before signing a contract.

This is not true of returns to stores that have restocking fees such as an electronics store but for items that require a contract be signed.

However in this case of a furniture sale. If the item has not been delivered and you are within 3 days period you should be able to cancel without penalty. If the item had been delivered or picked up within the 3 days you may have a problem because than they will try for the restocking fee as the items were considered delivered. If it had not I would then take it up with my credit card co.

& the store would recieve a charge back for items not recieved. They then can fight it out.


dependson the state you are in, but the LAW says you have 3 days regardless of the stores policy. I hope you followed through and did not pay the restocking fee.

Beeton, Ontario, Canada #24996

Most places have a restocking fee, regardless of any grace periods.

Heroica Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico #23341
:eek Wow! Sorry to hear you were ripped off like that. I was browsing the website with the intention of helping my daughter furnish her new apt, when I came across your post.

This makes me think twice about Ashley Furniture!

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