Charlotte, North Carolina

Unfortunately I purchased 4 rooms of furniture and it all smells musty and mildew. I got a bistro style dining table that smells sooo bad I have had it 8 months and have never used it.

I bought a desk for an office and it smells, my bedroom furniture also smells everytime I open a drawer I smell mildew. I bought an entertainment center for my TV and it too smells. I guess I will have to try and put a bleach mixture to get rid of the mildew smell.

I will not contact them because it seems no one gets results. I will never buy from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

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I have the same problem with mold and mildew smell, I have tried so many different things to rid mold and the smell keeps coming back. Ashley furniture is making me sick, the furniture looks so rich and beautiful it is so sad that the smell is making us sick.

Ridiculous. I can not stand sleeping in my bedroom, my husband thinks I'm crazy however, I'm reading all these reviews.


Hi, I know this post is old. But how did you handle the smell?I bought a table last year and its it stinks.

I called Ashley 4 months after I bought it and they laughed at me.

I hate it... what did you do to get the smell out?


:cry I have bought Many pieces from Ashleys ,and will NEVER buy anything else..but am looking for YET another chair.Their furniture is like disposable diapers,it does not last.... :(


the mildew may be from the stores warehouse, it got wet and they sold it anyway. i know the factory replaces items like that if reported.


Wow...Somehow I am not surprised but that's horrible. I never heard of new furniture smelling like mold and mildew. Sometimes new wooden furniture might smell like a fresh pine or mahogany wood if it just came out of the factory. Something is definitely wrong with the way that Ashley store is being managed.

I sent an email complaint to their management and customer service about this incredibly obnoxious saleslady who ought to be working for a car dealership and nobody in those departments ever answered or acknowledged receipt of my complaint. I agree that their customer service is poor.

And mind you...I don't know much about carpentry but when I was checking out their beds, I found that in every case the back of the headboard felt like a soft fiberboard. And in one instance I looked at the bottom of the frame and even though most of the wood might appear to be a cherry or a mahogany color, the bottom board of the frame closest to the headboard looked like a soft pine wood which is not going to hold up very well over the years. I honestly don't trust the quality of their furniture and all of my observations have correlated with the horror stories posted here.

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