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Went to Kingsport location to purchase furniture I picked out online as I thought I'd get more "help" this way. WRONG.

We purchased our furniture (about $6,000 worth to be exact) and waited anxiously for it to arrive. After 2 days we were asked to come back to the store to help correct some paperwork as we did 2 different financing accounts and they needed it done a specific way. No problem. Done.

Furniture arrived 4 weeks later and out of 5 pieces my 2 nightstands were the only complete items. 1 of my couches with a chaise lounge had an ottaman with no legs. My other couch was to be a three piece sectional arrived with only 1 of the 3 sections. And my bed had no bedrails.

Naturally I call the store, my sales person explained it was her first solo sale and didn't realize the bed rails needed to be placed on the ticket and that the other pieces of my couch would be ordered and expedited to me within a week. Adding in at this point I wasn't charged for the other 2 pieces that's why they didn't arrive but I would get them at no additional charge. Fair enough. After 1 week we were contacted to have the installation of the bed rails scheduled, while on the phone I asked the lady to check on the status of my missing couch sections.

I was told that it was never ordered and that she took care of it and ordered it then. Naturally this was rather upsetting as I was reassured by the sales person it would be done asap. I called the store, same sales person assured me that she done what she said she would do and had no idea what happened. As I asked to speak with the store manager he informed me that said salesperson had no authority to expedite anything and that it was in fact not done.

I was upset that I was lied to point blank. I should have went to the store and spoke to them in person but as a person with a full time career and going to school you don't have a lot of extra time. I expressed to Chris the store manager that I was upset and wanted to send all of my furniture back because of all this. He insisted that they would make it right and asked me several times what it would take.

I told him that was for him to decide. He stated that he would speak to whomever was over customer service and get back with me within 24hrs. After 2 days and no correspondence I called the store again. By this time they knew me by name.

I asked to speak with the manager again. He picked up the line, I introduced myself, and he stated, "What now?" this really how Ashley Home Furniture trains their management to speak with paying customers?! I politely informed him that I had yet to get a finished couch or a return phone call from him. He stated that the person over him was on vacation and that he was the one I would need to speak with and that he would get in touch with me when he came back.

That was 2 months ago. We received our furniture and my husband encouraged me to just drop it because I was clearly getting nowhere with Chris the store manager of the Kingsport Ashley Home Furniture store.

So bearing all this in mind I implore each of you reading this to avoid this store and company at all costs. Their financing deals are just not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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