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I purchased this sofa and chair&1/2 and not even 2 yrs later all the leather started feeling off. I had insurance and that was told it was normal wear and tear.

The only thing was replaced wzs the cushion covers. I have too keep the backs of my chairs covered and also the ottamon. I receive disability i ca not purchase new furniture every three years. It isvery embrassing.

How can they keep doing this too people and no one make them do better. Whose is there for the unfortune people that get stuck with the peeling mess like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's bonded leather and it always peels after 2 years. But Ashley sales people don't tell anyone that it's bonded unless you ask.

People need to use common sense and realize that it's not possible to get a real leather sofa for under $900 so when you think "wow what a great deal i got a leather sofa for $500" think again cuz that's not possible.

If you want furniture to last a long time you have to invest in a good set and the 1st step to do that is to not go to Ashley cuz everything on their store is complete junk and their is no such thing as a warranty there. Use common sense next time and sorry you had to learn that the hard way

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