Camden, New Jersey

Even though all Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated, the four in South Jersey, Turnersville, Northfield, Cherry Hill, and Millville are all owned by the Crest Furniture Company, the same people who own the Value City Furnitures in NJ. First what anyone should know is that the company's employees do not last very long. It's a performance based job where the sales are paid 100% on commission.

Another is the experience in store does not compare to the experience after the purchase is complete and delivered. In the store everyone will treat you with respect (in the millville store anyways). Everyone is professional and will try to help you out with what ever your questions and needs. When checking out, the clerks in the back do explain everything to you and advise you to read all the Term and Conditions for the store printed on your contract.

After that it gets a little difficult. First when going to buy you must keep in mind all the furniture, unless factory dropped, needs to be ordered and delivered; a process that takes 2-4 weeks on average and as much as 1-6 months on back ordered pieces.

After you receive your furniture you have a 1 year "manufacturer warranty" that supposedly covers you but customer service seems to be the main issue with these companies, and apparently other Ashley companies around the US. The store itself cannot help you much when it comes to service because it is a show room. There have been many times where a select few of the clericals in the back attempt to stick out their necks for the customers, as the company should do, in trying to bring customer satisfaction. This is how some of them don't last because they bring "problems" to the store where the store cant really do anything for the customer.

Just incase you feel like canceling your order after 3 days, there is a 25% restocking fee on the subtotal of the balance. It really hits hard. This company has had its fair shares of bad experiences. I advise future customer to pay with their Credit Cards. I know Amex has a stop payment feature and i am pretty sure other cards do as well. Just in case you have a terrible experience you have another way out other then being hit for something you had nothing to do with.

This review isn't written to bring down the employees of the company because they do what corporate tells them to do... there are really good hearted people working for them but stuck in a dead end. This is just a little something to possibly expect if shopping at Ashley's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Warranty.

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Thank you so much for your Opinion about this matter!!! This Article tells us more about you than Ashley Furniture store.

Please get yourself some help!

And while your at it,A big distraction from "Ashley"!!


PS: Since you have the ability to judge which jobs are "Dead End" and shell out pitty for other people you must be doing really well & own your own buiz...You should give the furniture sales people a new job at COMPANY LOSER!


So you got fired because you are a poor sales person!

If you spent as much time taking care of your customers as you do crying you still might have a job. Loser!

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