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We purchased a microfiber sofa and love seat recliner from the Ashley furniture store in Fremont in August 2007. The furniture when it arrived was as expected. But within a few weeks we started noticing micro fiber elements sticking out from all parts of the furniture - this was not fiber leaking from the seams but rather fiber magically leaking from within the fabric all over.

I opened a case with their customer service in Southern California back in Feb 2008. An Ashley Furniture technician came home in April to look at the leaks and stated that he had never seen anything of this nature in his entire tenure and was going to recommend the quickest possible resolution. After waiting for a couple of weeks and still not hearing back from their customer service, I called them and to my surprise was told that the technician had stated in his report that the leak was "normal" and we "may have" used a high power vacuum and caused the same.

After many more conversations, their customer service agent "Jamie" called me up in early May to state that Ashley would take back the furniture and would give us store credit to buy an alternate set. I

waited for a couple of more weeks to get the credit - but nothing happened. On May 17th, I again called up Jamie who indicated that her supervisor "Ron" or manager "Tran" were supposed to have gotten back to me by now - and apologized profusely for the delay. Two more weeks go by and nothing happens. I called back on the 7th of June and to my surprise was told by "Kim" (another customer dis-service rep) that "Jamie" had quit the company and had thrown all her case paper work in the trash.

After being asked to speak to the manager, I was transferred to Tran who wanted me to send him pictures of the leaking fiber (to start the process all over again) for him to make a decision on by Tuesday (6/10). I posted a youtube video and sent him a link. Till date - as expected - no response. I am quite sure they have no intention of fulfilling their warranty. We paid $1800 for furniture that looks like a camel going thru puberty.

Store Purchased From: Ashley Furniture - Fremont, CA

When Purchased: August 2007

What was purchased: Microfiber Sofa & Loveseat Recliner

Amount Paid: $1800 (approx)

Ashley Furniture Customer Service Phone #: 1-866-512-7453

Customer Service Contact Name: Jamie (originally), VTran (manager)

Youtube Video of the Leaking Furniture:

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Never buy Ashley Furniture and especially never buy Ashley Furniture from any other dealer (in Texas Conns) you will be screwed. Non-authorized furniture is not covered....whatever that means.

I call about a part for my recliner....said I need to pay $20 for a visit, $89 per hour, plus $49 or more for the part. I can buy a new chair for this amount.

Also, the padding is cheap and my legs hurt from the boards poking thru. *** furniture.


Went to the Fremont, CA Memorial Day Sale today - 5/17/2009. They had advertised a sofa/love seat or sectional for 599.00 You could not see them in the store - just look at a catalog picture.

The salesman told me that they had to be ordered from the "factory" and you would get them in 4 - 8 weeks. Then I asked about the shipping because I saw a sign with prices. The salesman said yes, for 2 pieces it would cost 119.00 from the Fremont "warehouse" to my home. We walked out of the store.

Should have believed the 19 "Yelp" reviews that said to go some place other than the Fremont Ashley store! Now I do!

:? :?


I think it's comical that people are complaining about Ashley products falling apart after three months... what did they expect from a $500 sofa or a $799 complete bedroom... you get what you pay for.


ok what did you really do be honest fess up something like this just doesn't happen if it wore ok but what your describing is called negliengence by the CONSUMER ok be real quit your *** and own up :cry

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