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Update by user Apr 04, 2015

The rep told me to color it in with a marker. There is a facebook page called Ashley Furniture Sucks.

I did not create it but I sure as joined it and what do you know? A lot of the same stories.

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

I have not cussed on this website nor thought about it and it is putting **** Ughhhh.....I am stressed enough. I will not use foul language, Not sure why this site is automatically adding all of the abstracts! UGHHHHHHH

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

I did not use the sh word this site put it in automatically oh my gosh i dont cuss. :(

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

Just talked to Warren again who proceeded to tell me he is going to try to help me but the white showing through on my couch they will tell me it is normal from the durablend fabric. Bull ***!

Then I was told to send more photos! I did but they are the same ones I already have. Another cop out for Ashley's Furniture! Once again....I will fight 365 days a year 7 days a week.

They will not wear me down. If I was told the white would show through this *** when I was in the store the day I purchased it. I would have ran. Laughed and ran!

They do not own up to this being a manufacturer or quality issue. Theyve messed w the wrong girl. I will not back down when I know I am right. Poor company, poor service, you better run!!!!!

I have never seen anything like this in my life! You tube, media, legal action whatever....I won't back down!

Phone calls, emails, more calls. They are causing me alot of undo stress trying to get out of what is right!!!!!

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

I finally talked to a person who didn't sound like an uncaring robot. His name was Warren.

I am not sure what he can do but at least he talked to me like he halfway cared. I want to give Ashley's the benefit of the doubt but I am honestly afraid to. If it is the durablend fabric of this furniture then they need to stop making it. To tell me it is normal wear and tear will never work for me.

The company dismisses this site because these stores are Independently owned. However, it's real to me because I am going through it. Warren and Brian have tried helping me. Regardless of the outcome I am grateful for people who actually acted human.

I will continue this fight regardless!!! I have a voice!

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

If you shop at Ashley's Furniture. Buyer Beware.

Their products do not hold up. The customer service is the worst I have ever in my life experienced. I am writing this because I refuse to let other people struggle. It is not ok that they dismiss you and pass you around like your are unimportant.

They say they are sorry and send you emails to prolong the situation until you get exhausted from right fighting. I will never get exhausted from right fighting and I will not allow them to trample on me or other consumers. I am just as angry reading the same stories as I have experienced. I am ready to tackle this and do what needs to be done.

If I have saved one person from going through it then that is one person that does not struggle. Middle class working Americans deserve respect. Kick the *** quality or make these manufacturers responsible.

Again....knowing what I know now about the *** quality and reviews...wish I had read them before purchasing. Buyer beware!!!!

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

I am forwarding emails to whomever has anything to do with this company. Anyone.

I want to be heard. As a consumer I am tired of *** products. Here is another email I rcvd. Everything is passed around maybe to calm me down but nothing is ever done!

Everyday....I will right fight every single day!

I have set this to our consumer affairs department to further assist

Thank you, Robin ECom Customer Care

Update by user Apr 04, 2015

Here is another Pass me Around email. I have sent them all serial numbers, photos, I have filled out the form etc....

The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I even gave them the number I called directly. The managers name and the two girls talked to that has all this info.


Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

in Arcadia, WI. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the purchase of your Ashley furniture. All warranties are handled at the retail level, so you will need to continue working with the store where you purchased the furniture for assistance with your claim.

Please provide me with your name, address and phone number, the store's name, address and phone number, the model and serial numbers of the item(s) in question and a description of the problem(s). On your behalf, we will forward your concerns to the Ashley Marketing Specialist who will assist the store with any questions they may have regarding the manufacturer's warranty.

Peggy ~Ashley Internet Communications

Original review posted by user Apr 03, 2015

We have no kids. Just me and my husband.

I only wipe the furniture w a dry rag. One year and 5 months later. It is ripping apart. Customer service is a nightmare as it is out of the one year manufacturer warranty.

Everyone keeps passing me around and telling me 6 weeks this and 6 more weeks that. I get the final call and they keep reminding me how it is out of warranty. If i knew this would last a year and 5 months I would have ran out of that store. Buyer beware.

Read reviews and twitter. Consumers are not wrong.

I will never ever shop there again. Ever!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Warranty.

Reason of review: Customer service is the worst ever. read reviews. Do your homework. Buyer Beware..

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