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the reason your leather furniture is falling apart because most of it is fake. ashley has the lowest quality leather in the industry they will sale you leather protection that is unnecessary because it not leather beaware make sure you have your sale associate to break down the contents.

before you think your buying leather from ashley if you want the best try viewpoint more money but it is the real deal. Attorney generalof arizona made ashley furniture disclosed real content of there leather furniture to many consumers who were lied too beware get the facts or dont buy it is your hard earn money

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j is right if you people went to the ashley web site you would know this i also have a REAL LEATHER sofa and love seat from ashley for about five years they look like new you have to know how to care for REAL leather REAL LEATHER cost THOUSANDS NOT HUNDREDS of dollars


first of all they do sell real lether but most of them are a leather match all you people have to do is stop being lazy and get off your fat *** and read the tags!!! before you buy !!

ashley rules!!!!


it is all real leather made from fake cows you ***


if you are reading this blog as least you are smart enough to do your homework keep reading every comment and then go to ashley if you are serious about buying furniture dont buy from ashley as you can see the furniture is garbage the company is dishonest and all us that had dealt with company do not want you to become the next victim dont buy in salt lake they are crooks

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