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So I received 3 text message on 7/20/2016 to confirm my delivery of 7/21/16 between 9:30-1:30. I also called corporate and they confirmed that this was the time frame.

In the afternoon of the 20th I received a call from Brittany at the Melbourne Ashley's store telling me that when they took my furniture off the truck on 7/18/16 my entertainment center was demaged beyond repair. She said that they would have to order me another one at it would be delivered separately on or about 8/3/16. I said ok she confirmed my delivery date of 7/21/16 with a time frame of 9:30-1:30 for my sofa and chair. At 8:40pm on 7/20/16 Brittany called me to tell me that they took my sofa and chair off the truck for delivery because my entertainment center was damaged.

She then stated that she had them put it back on and it was still going to be delivered on 7/21/16 but with a new time frame of 3-7pm. I told her this was unacceptable and I still needed the original time frame. I could not miss work and went through a lot of trouble to get someone to sit at my house during the 9:30-1:30 time frame. She said that there was nothing she could do and that after all they were doing me a favor by squeezing me in.

Really how are you squeezing someone in when they already had an appointment?? So I get a call on the morning of 7/21/16 from the delivery service stating that they wanted to give me an ETA that my furniture would not be delivered until sometime between 7-8 tonight. I have had people rearrange their schedules to help me out because of Ashley's incompetence missed work and yet no consideration at all. This company has no customer service skills at all.

I told Brittany that I wanted a supervisors name and number.

She placed me on hold and came back with a name when I asked her for her number she stated that she could not give her number out but that she would call me at some point to hear my issues. I WILL NEVER SHOP at Ashely's again.

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2016

I purchased my furniture on July 4th, 2016 at that time I was told that it would be delivered on July 18th and I would be notified a few days before of a time frame. I received a text message that my furniture would be delivered between 3pm and 7pm on 7/18/16.

I had to miss 3 hours work to be at home for the delivery. Around 4:45pm I called the customer service number to see if they could give me an eta, I was told that they would be at my house between 5-5:30pm. At 7:30pm when they still had not shown up I called back only to be placed on hold for over 15 minutes the girl came back and said she could not reach anyone she would have to send an email and that someone would call me within 30 minutes. At 8:30 when the delivery truck had not shown up and no one had called me back I called again only to be told that they were running late and should be to my house by 9:00pm and that some would call me back.

At 9:15 when no one showed and no one called back I called again only to be told that I was still on the schedule and that they would have someone call me. I told them at that time that I get up for work at 3:00am in the morning and that this was unacceptable and to have them just deliver the furniture on Tuesday the 19th. She said someone would call me. At 9:30pm a girl from the Melbourne Store called me to say that they truck should be to my house around 10-10:30 I explained to her that I get up at 3:00am in the morning and that I can not stay up until 10:30 waiting on furniture then most likely another 45 minutes by the time they set everything up and to please reschedule the delivery for the next day.

She told me that she can not reschedule for the next day that she would call me back to see exactly what time they would be at my house. At 9:45pm she called back and said that they would be there sometime around midnight!!! Really what furniture company delivers at midnight I told her absolutely not and to schedule me for the next day she stated I can't do that you either take tonight or I can not get anyone until Thursday. I told her I was not accepting a delivery at midnight I had to get up at 3:00am for work she said she would put me on the schedule for Thursday.

I called on Tuesday to customer service spoke to a rep named Patty. Told her the circumstances she had my file up and could see all the documentation. I asked to speak to a supervisor she placed me on hold for 30 minutes came back to tell me that they were all busy and she would have one call me. I called back at 1:00pm spoke to a girl name Jennifer told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor.

She read my file and stated OH your furniture must have been on the truck that broke down!!! Really why would someone not have told me on Monday evening that the truck was broke down and that my delivery would have to be rescheduled instead of lieing to me telling me that they were on the way???? She placed me on hold for a supervisor for about 15 minutes only to come back and say that none were available and someone would call me back. At 4:30 I called back to the customer service center and demanded to speak with a supervisor I told the girl to read my file and that it was pretty clear that they were refusing to have a supervisor contact me.

After 29 minutes of being on hold a lady named Karen who identified herself as a supervisor got on the phone with me. I asked her if she read my file and she stated that yes she did and that she was working on getting my furniture delivered to me on Wednesday the 20th. I explained to her the reason Thursday was bad for me was that my grandson was having surgery. She told me she would call me back that very evening and give me a status.

Well guess what SHE NEVER CALLED. Ashley's Furniture Store needs to invest in some customer service training. They are nothing but a bunch of liars and have caused me a great inconvienence not to mention time loss from work and extreme stress. After all I removed all my furniture from my living room for my new furniture.

To top it all off I was charge a delivery fee for this HORRIBLE service. I will never purchase anything from them again and working in an office with well over 100 people after hearing what I have gone through they will not purchase anything from them.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Horrible customer service.

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