Las Vegas, Nevada
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I purchased a couch and chair from Ashley's in Portland Oregon on 82nd ave and regret every second of that purchase. While in the store taking with the salesman Mr.

House he lied to me about how the chair I wanted would hug the wall. I got a chair that has to be 14" away from the wall to recline. When I got the counter to pay I was informed by Mr. House and another lady that I had 30 days to exchange the furniture if for some reason I was not happy with it.

I went back to the store 8 days later to make arrangements to have the furniture picked up and to pick out something different when I was informed that I only had 48 hours to exchange the furniture and given a phone number to call.

The only thing they will do is repair any thing that may be broken. If you are thinking of going to Ashley's run the other way, THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND THEN ***!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Repair.

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You are a sick ***!! That girl had a legitimate complaint.

I hope something like that happens to your pompous ***!!!! There is something seriously wrong with you. I have *** blocked on my computer because of my kids and it's people like you that post something like this that really *** me off.

I'd kick the *** out of your parents if I knew them. You are seriously disturbed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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