Calgary, Alberta

I will never deal with Ashley's furniture again. We were called that our furniture was to be delivere a week ago in Red Deer, Alberta.

They asked that we come and pick it up as soon as we could. My husband was very diligent and arrived the day of delivery to pick it up as they don't deliver to our town. He had to load the furniture himself after given the girl our copy of our receipt to check. She took a copy and pushed out 2 chairs for him to load himself.

He gets home and we have a totally different chair from what we ordered. I phone the distribution centre on our receipt and she indicated she couldn't help me and gave me the Red Deer store. She indicated that we should bring the wrong chair back and they would give us the right one that they had in the store. We travelled over one hundred miles to pick this up in the first place.

I said that I thought they should correct their mistake and come to pick up the wrong one and delivery the correct chair. She said if we would have paid for delivery this would never have happened. Five minutes late the Calgary store phoned and indicated that the chair was not in Red Deer it had never been shipped. They would call when it arrived and we could bring the other chair back and get the correct one.

In my mind this is totally poor business.

3 mistakes on their part and it was our problem. Don't buy at Ashley's Furniture if you expect customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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We ordered a very expensive children's bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. It came in within a couple of weeks and we picked it up at the warehouse.

We needed this new set in order to convert my daughter's existing bed back to a crib for our new baby that would be here in 2 months. We figured we had plenty of time to get the furniture and set it up, only we hadn't anticpated that 3 out of the 5 boxes would contained damaged furniture. We live out of town (8 mins) so drove the furniture into the city looking to drop it off either at one of the stores or at the warehouse, it was a Sunday - we called the customer service call centre for returns which happened to be closed on Sundays. We then called the store and told them we had all the boxes of damaged furniture loaded up and ready to drop off at either the store or the warehouse, they then told us that we could not drop it off anywhere as a ticket needed to be opened by customer service and that even a Manager at the store could not do this for us.

We were beyond frustrated and have talked to several different people, even a Manager in customer service - I asked her if they could not at least delivery out the furniture since it was their product that was damaged and we are the customer, she said they do not deliver when the original order was a pick up even if the product was damaged, I asked her to meet us halfway and cut the delivery fee in 1/2 as a goodwill customer service gesture, she wasn't having that either. I told her we would never deal with them again and that they don't see interested in providing excellent customer service and don't seem to care how many friends or family members we share our experience with. I just got a call from the warehouse today and this led me to google Ashley Furniture complaints...and I ended up here and glad to be able to share my story. Anyhow, the warehouse told me the replacement furniture is now in and ready for pick up, I said um it's actually supposed to be delivered, my husband went in person to the store and spoke to a woman who assured him the notes on file showed it was set up for delivery.

The warehouse lady then went through the notes and said Nope, I can see it's been CHANGED to pick up - the manager changed it and put that since the damaged furniture was dropped off at the warehouse, the replacement furniture would then have to be picked up - I told her that was no the understanding we had and we did you a favour by dropped the furniture off - since we both work full time and the technician can only be sent to our area on Thursdays and they will not give a time window prior to the evening before they come out we couldn't work around that. Oh and they have to send out a technician to inspect the furniture and/or take pictures to determine if repairs can be made or if they have to re-order - I told them I purchased a brand new product and expect it to be new and not something that is repaired and I also said How do you go about repairing / fixing cracked wood are you going to glue it? We were also so frustrated at one point that I just wanted to return everything and get our money back. My husband and I really loved the bedroom set though and didn't want to have to look for the perfect set all over again, but for the principal of it we should have just returned it ALL.

When we said take it all back and refund us, then they brought up their 20% restocking fee even though I told them the product is damaged through no fault of our own, they just kept saying well we are making it right by replacing it - that is NOT the point. I figured we could probably have returned everything and then asked for MasterCard to chageback the trasaction due to damaged product, I really didn't want to go through the hassle and more aggrevation being 7 months pregnant and all.


plain and simple it has been 3 months and i still dont have my complete bedroom set yet as the people at ashley are incompitant idchits


:( :( I am very sorry I didn't check the reviews on Asley Furniture before buying a dining room table & chairs. They have delivered 2 tables & they where both damaged.

It has taken 2 months so far & I still do not have a table that is fit to eat at. Now they are telling me it will be another month or more to get another table. I told them why don't you just refund my money * I will go somewhere else to buy a dining room set.

They said I would have to pay a 25% restocking fee in order to get my money back. I will never shop there again & I sujest you do the same.

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