I tried to purchase a mattress online. Gave me an error stating billing and address error.

I knew the address and billing was correct. So, i tried a different shipping address still error. The purchase did not go through which i thought until i looked at my credit card charge and it was charged. I did not get any comfirmation on purchase or any thing but the credit card was still charged.

I called customer service and they seemed to try to fix and and the info was sent to the accounting department.

I got an email later stating how to make purchase online. Im thinking, i know how to do that. I emailed them and told them i will not purchase until i get my money back. My money was credited back few days later.

Then i check my credit card and it charged me again apparently it charged me again because when i attempted to use a different address. I called back and the customer rep this time was very short and impatient and rude. He did the same thing other rep did by talking to accounting and said will follow up in few days. He was in a hurry and then hunng up on me before i could finish talking.

To me there shouldnt be a charge at all if the purchase didnt go through.

Bad programming error on the website and no fail safe.

Beware when purchasing online, this should not have happened. Imagine if you kept trying to keep purchasing because you thought it was an error in you address Nd you kept trying to correct it, you could have contiually charged your credit card all those time you were thinking you were making correction when it was there site charging you.

If your going to buy, go to the store instead.

Location: Phenix City, Alabama

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