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I purchase furniture from Ashley Furniture store in Lakeland Fl on September 8 2018 I paid 5,293.00 for a sectional they delivered on September 28 I sat on it the next day and it has no quality at all I can turn it over with one hand I promise my 40 pound grandson gets on it in and put in a recline position and than when he gets down it will lift off the floor and slams back down

Well the manager John Kimbrouth told me it’s not made for a 400 pound person well it’s not made for a 40 pound kid either they treated me like crap even when I called and complained to their corporate office they were nasty and I told them that someone could get hurt it’s so lightweight and corporate said the same thing and hung up on me this furniture is garbage and they said that they have a no return policy that’s bull how can they force a sell on a person that is clearly not happy with their furniture, and, oh wait for this one they sent a guy out cause the cheap pleather not leather make a loud noise so that is the only thing they would help me with can you believe that and I showed him and he was SHOCKED he said he gets complaints all the time I got video and I will be posting it !!!! now I have got to get a lawyer to try and get my money back Ashley’ I hate that store and everybody that works there told me lies and they were nasty when I was trying to get my money back. Honestly are they that desperate for sells? Well, they need to sell better Quality furniture. My BIGGEST Mistake was going their that Saturday morning I will never in life shop their again.

Wish I would have known

Please tell me how I can get in on the class action lawsuit they need to be stopped

They told me it would last a lifetime ha ha ha...yea right.

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You have to be kidding...you have the foot rest extended FULLY...get real!

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