Here are the pictures of the damage furniture I purchase from Ashley Furniture. I'm very upset with the life of these pieces of furniture. I look forward to someone reaching out to me so this matter can be resolved. I do have more pictures if needed please let me know.Please respond as soon as possible so i want have to pursue this claim further. Because i certainly believe that this company will do the right thing. I appreciate your help in advance. I can be reached via phone or mail:

Betty Tindal


311 North Summit Ave

Charlotte,NC 28216

Monetary Loss: $1150.

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Class action suit for what! Ashley did not rub the finish off your furniture, you did!

I say all folks should take responsibility for their own actions! I hope you get harassed for stupidly putting your personal info out to this crazy *** world!

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #727637

I would get in the class action lawsuit cause more and more my Durablend couches are peeling! I want my money back!

to Mercer92 #913459

I need in the class action lawsuit. How do I do this? Im so upset woth Ashley Furniture and will NEVER buy anyrhing from them again EVER!!


As someone else posted, you should get your personal information off this site for your own safety.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #719295

This isn't the place for you to complain about your furniture. If you want help from Ashley Furniture, you are going to have to contact them directly.

Complaining on this site won't do the job. How long have you had the furniture? You weren't real smart putting your contact information on a public web site.

You could get all kinds of harassment by doing that.

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