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Ashley Furniture is basically denying factory flaws. I have this huge sectional that cost over 2500.00.

The material is clothlike and is coming apart at the seams, the undermatting is showing in three spots which nothing can rub or touch the seam. Just one armrest on the couch is starting to shed threads. This thread shedding is being blamed by the service technician by my clawless cat. The seam separation is being blamed on people bumping into the seams making them unravell, but no one can get get to these spots to even bump them.

So basically they are just utilizing their training and making excuses, deny fault, more excuses, deny fault even more. Well I know one person that will be contacting the BBB.

Review about: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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The BBB is ONLY useful if the business in question is actually a member. If a business is not a member of it then the BBB has no real power to do anything; Even if it did the "governing" body of the BBB IS the business that are part of it. That sounds pretty 'off', ya know.


Good luck with the BBB.....I contacted them as well.....Ashley never responded to their complaint!!

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