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Purchased a durablend leather couch and loveseat from Ashley 2 years ago it started cracking and peeling everywhere.Called the MFS protection plan said not covered normal wear and tear.

Was told this furniture would last up to 15 years if taken care of. False its garbage so is the warranty plan. Company refuses to do anything about. Will never buy anything from them again, everyone on this site should start a classaction lawsuit against Ashley and the Montage warranty service.

Do not buy from them ever they suck and do not purchase warranty its worthless.One pissed off consumer.

Review about: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


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It's not real leather. Real leather would cost you $1000's.


I see that I am not alone.I have heard this story before with the pictures, receipts, etc and nothing happens.

No responsibility is taken by anyone. Ashley blames manufacture or manufacture says warranty is no longer valid. Either way; you are stuck with a piece of furniture that you spent your hard earned money for that again; you now are stuck with until you can make a change.

This to happen to me o/a 2014.I just happen to come about all of these post at this time.


I bought the same sofa set snd it did the bery same thing!!!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1351258

I went through the same thing.I went and filed a complaint with the BBB they wouldn't do a thing about it they were rude and it was days before I got answer of denial from the I showed them my receipt , serial numbers and Pictures of the purchase and I was still denied.

Ashley would even give me a store credit.

They have poor customer service.My issue started in Jume 2016 and it ended 2017.


I don't think you'll see that piece of furniture in their advertisements.We bought one similar and the first time I wiped it down with water on a damp towel all the color on the leather came off on the rag.

I later discovered that the leather is a split hyde leather, paper thin and dyed with water based color. It went from dark chocolate to light caramel and the only way we could tell it was water based color was we received a little bottle of the same for touch up.

Little did I know I needed enough for the whole couch.By the way I can't recall which fadded first, the color, the ha ha leather or the salesman's commission.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1273525

I have the same crappy furniture peeled just after I got it and my montage claim was denied spent $1000 and five years later it's under slip covers until I can afford new couches

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1222045

My durablend sofa and love seat recliners started to peel just three months ago.I contacted Ashley and they told me that they will not do anything to correct them.

It would be wasting their time and my time trying to get it resolved as it already passed 5 years warranty.

I told them that this was a material defect issue not normal wear and tear and Ashley should take responsibility.I was always Ashley furniture kind of guy but after this incident i will never ever buy anything Ashley furniture again and i will make sure that my families and friends will not buy them neither.

Fishers, Indiana, United States #1219857

I have the same couch and ours is peeling and cracking too! Piece of ***! Shame on you Ashley furniture!

Denver, Colorado, United States #1215866

It's manufacturer defect and Ashley knows it

Denver, Colorado, United States #1215861

Are you kidding me.Ashley knows what's going on.

There are other stores that are facing this same issue. Manufacturer defect and they know very well that its not a ware issue but a manufacturing issue. We were told that we were purchasing quality leather sofas.

You are one of the lucky ones but don't close your eyes that these stores are well aware of this issue.They just don't want to compensate anyone.

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