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Purchased a durablend leather couch and loveseat from Ashley 2 years ago it started cracking and peeling everywhere. Called the MFS protection plan said not covered normal wear and tear.

Was told this furniture would last up to 15 years if taken care of. False its garbage so is the warranty plan. Company refuses to do anything about. Will never buy anything from them again, everyone on this site should start a classaction lawsuit against Ashley and the Montage warranty service.

Do not buy from them ever they suck and do not purchase warranty its worthless. One pissed off consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I am dealing with the same issue. Bought 3 leather sofas 2 years ago.

The leather is peeling and paint cracking. Insurance does not cover as it’s a “manufacturing defect” and Ashley does not cover because the sofas are 2 years old. Net, los over $3000.

Bought leather sofas because they were supposed to last more… terrible experience. Pure junk!


We had exactly the same experience. What we were told is 100% leather is not!

Several class action lawsuits were started and then discontinued and I don't really know why. However we were able to get partial reimbursement by contacting Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs at CAgroup@***.com. You will need pictures of the peeling furniture, pictures of the stickers underneath the furniture, and your sales receipt.

We're still not happy about the situation but at least they gave us something! What bothers me most is that Ashley continues to advertise this junk as being 100% genuine leather.


same thing happened to me...never going to Ashley furniture again


We, too, purchased furniture that was advertised as 100% leather in the seating area, only to see it peel away within three years. We have invested over $4,000 in this furniture.

Underneath the reclining footrest is a sticker that tells the actual composition of the seating area and we found it to be only 57% leather mixed with polyester and PVC. How can this company get away with false advertising (we have the original print out of our furniture given to us by a sales person) stating something is 100% leather when it is NOT!


same thing with my couch within 6 months it was peeling and cracking.was told I puncture it.ask them to show me the puncture hole in it.they had to replace the whole back of it.within 6 months doing it again also on the cushion and arm rest.contacted them and never heard back from them.got the 5 yr protection plan and they said they don't cover peeling or cracking.i guess the durablend couch is made to look at and not be used.they knew the durablend product was junk.never will buy another product from them.sad part all this happened while still under the first year of my purchace.

On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center
Based on the information found on montagefs.com, leather/vinyl cracking and peeling is indeed not a covered by MFS protection plan. The company website states that leather cracking and peeling is a normal condition that occurs as a result of wear, maintenance, or the quality of the furniture and how it is holding up over time.

MFS claims they do not make or manufacture the furniture so how it is made or how it holds up from normal usage is not something the company is able to address.
On Ashley Furniture's part they are providing only 1-year limited warranty on leather and upholstery fabric on their products. The leather and upholstery fabric limited warranty also includes seam slippage, cracking, and dye transfers.

These limited warranties do not cover tears, flattening of nap, pilling, fading, or shrinking and is not valid when heavy soiling or abuse is evident.
In case you still have any questions regarding Ashley Furniture warranty, you may contact Ashley Furniture customer service team.

Seems like Ashley Furniture. Sorry for your loss, 4seating is a much better option for online furniture buying. Hope somebody can learn from our mistakes.


This does not look anything like an Ashley Couch! If u purchased the Protection First you need to contact them if it been more than one year!

Second- what did u use to clean it?

That plays a factor on the life of the Furniture. No Furniture last 20 years I dont care how good of quality it is!!!


Same thing here. Total garbage.


mine was less then a year old and have the same problem they said it cant be covered because it happened at home.accused me of punctureing it send picture to show them there was no puncture in it.just junk furniture they are very rude to.going to take it back to the store and put it in front of there door so other can see how junkie there products are


I bought the same exact sofa from ashley. Went out in the trash!! All bubbled up and cracked and we hardly ever used it!


The same thing happened to us but with furniture purchased from living spaces. The so called durablend or polyurethane material is absolute TRASH.


If you decide to do a class action lawsuit, let me know. I’m all in. They have the absolute worst service and they were automatically looking for reasons to not honor the warranty.


Raymore and Flanagan and their BS "Platinum" coverage are no better!! 5K worth of theater chairs and < 5yrs seats are completely delaminating.


Same thing happened to us--I will NEVER buy from them again. Sales person swore up and down that it was genuine leather. Now I know better and have a peeling POS couch in my basement.


I bought a sofa like this at another store it peeled the same way however it was not advertised as leather just durablend. Our store warranty covered it and have me another sofa.

However when the new one did the same thing the additional warranty did not cover the defect!

This was not the stores fault and I have continued to buy things from this store. Be careful when buying furniture that is durablend as it is NOT leather


It's not real leather. Real leather would cost you $1000's.


I see that I am not alone. I have heard this story before with the pictures, receipts, etc and nothing happens.

No responsibility is taken by anyone. Ashley blames manufacture or manufacture says warranty is no longer valid. Either way; you are stuck with a piece of furniture that you spent your hard earned money for that again; you now are stuck with until you can make a change.

This to happen to me o/a 2014. I just happen to come about all of these post at this time.


Ashley furniture covers durablend for five years on their own the protection plan doesnt so please call them its their policy.


I bought the same sofa set snd it did the bery same thing!!!

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