I purchased a table and set of dishes. The next day I cancelled the dishes and one box still came with the table delivery.

The delivery man wrote it up and I signed it. However, a few days later, UPS delivered another box. I called the store and they told me I needed to return the box. I live in Crestline about 30 plus miles away.

I complained and

was told there was nothing they could do???? I called back, talked to the manager and he said he would give me 100 in gift cards. I show up at ten and the store opened up at 11 and yet the recording/online indicates 10. I walked around to the side where deliveries are made and saw a sales person.

He said he would tell someone I was out there. Fifteen minutes later, no one came out. I went to get a Starbucks and came back and the store was NOW open and yet it was not 11.


I doubt I will ever shop there again. The manager was very nice, but one of his older employees had a significant attitude with me.

Obviously, they do not understand retail protocol.


By the way, the woman I was speaking to outside said she had worked in retail and that she would have given the dishes to me and not make me return them.

Yes, that is how it is done. was told

Location: Crestline, California

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