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I was having bedrooms painted and new carpeting installed in my home while I was travelling on a month-long family obligation trip overseas.

Before I left, I wanted to purchase a headboard, footboard and nightstand, so that I could install them into my ‘new’ bedroom immediately upon my return.

I went to the Medford, OR, Ashley showroom and spoke to a salesperson who showed me a floor model with a ‘Blue Dot’ and “President’s Day Special” price of 50% off the prominently displayed, written, retail price of $1,848.

I was told that the model was discontinued, and that it may have a few minor marks. I inspected the bed, which did have a few minor marks, but I’m OK with that.

The bed was set up in the showroom with short (about 4 foot) side rails that were not the original parts. I assumed that it was a space-saving method. I did not see the original side rails. None of the other 15 or so beds were displayed in this “short bed manner

I authorized a charge to my credit card of $973; which included a $50 delivery charge. The store is 4.7 miles from my home.

I stressed the need for speedy delivery, as I was about to leave on my trip.

5 days later I had not heard anything. The receptionist stated that she had “not had e-mail confirmation” for the delivery.

The bed was delivered finally, 7 days after I purchased it. I was asked, by the drivers, to inspect the bed’s side rails which were ‘gouged.’

Although there was obvious damage, I reluctantly accepted that; as I thought that I had got a good deal on pricing.

Then I looked at the invoice.

It stated that the bed was sold “as is / no warranty.” The “no warranty” clause was NOT disclosed during the sales process.

I went to the site and put in the part numbers-

The bed (B695) is not only a current model; but is priced at full retail price of $999 (on sale, right now, for $849 99)

The nightstand (B695-93) is also a current model and is priced at full retail price of $369.99 (on sale for $314.99)

The brand-new, full warranty included price for the items (that I saw listed at the store for $1,848) is actually $1,368.99!

I was sold damaged, “no warranty,” “discontinued” floor models for just 17% ($214) less than the cost of undamaged, brand new, fully-warranted items. Neither price includes shipping costs.

After a conversation with the store manager, ‘Julie,’ who explained that:

the Ashley web site “does not update in a timely manner,” and that it “does not show that the items listed are actually discontinued.”

the sales person was “doing her job” when she failed to disclose the ‘no warranty’ terms; as the store OWNER has a “set policy of removing warranties on ALL marked-down items.”

Julie did not offer an explanation as to why the display bed was setup without the damaged side rails in the store.

when I suggested that many of these trade practices are illegal; Julie went on the defensive, snapping at me that she would arrange to have the bed picked up, because she would not be “spoken down to” like that.

After refusing to adjust the pricing, in any way, as she -”could not compete with online pricing,” (even for her OWN STORE?) I accepted her suggestion that the store would come and pick the bed up on, Saturday, the day before I leave.

The charge has since been reversed on my credit card.

So why the negative feedback?

If I catch sometime stealing from me; confront them; and they then return the goods; it still does NOT mean that theft has not occurred.

There are several illegal and unethical practices involved in this transaction. Hopefully this review will serve as a warning to anyone planning on buying at any Ashley Furniture store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Headboard.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I’m currently looking up what I can do since I’ve just spent $1,200 less than 12 hours ago. I told the sales person the price online vs what they had in store and was told it’d be honored and that I’m getting it at such a deal...

What?! When you look online, they make you type in your zip code for availability and pricing but when you go into the store everything is $200+ and more?! I also bought a mattress and sure enough it’s $200 less online. And I also got a phone call an hour before the store closed that I owed them more money because they didn’t put delivery on something I ordered.

I signed everything and I paid for everything, even with the mattress being marked up, and I’m PISSED.

I’m going to be speaking to the manager in person about this and about how I was given 6 different delivery days... wish me luck.


I also had the same issue with Ashley Furniture. I visited the Folsom, CA store last week.

They were advertising a 40% off friends and family special. My husband and I wanted to take advantage of the sale price and decided to purchase a dining room set. After purchasing I went online to look at pictures of the pieces we purchased and noticed that the online price was significantly lower than their in-store special pricing. Even the price of “premium setup and delivery” was higher in-store (69.99 online vs 119.99 instire for setup and delivery).

I called the salesperson who helped us to cancel the order and he accommodated the price changes but acted as if he was doing me a huge favor saying that he was giving me “60% off”.... but I explained to him that that only meant they were pricing their products 60% MORE in their store than what they actually were online. While I appreciated they corrected the situation this deceptive pricing practice has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I won’t be purchasing anything from this store ever again. I don’t understand how this practice could be legal?!


Pay attention to sakeperson an managers in Beaumont store .gouging deceptive trade.Delivery date not good an refunds of it not true after said the bookkeeper does it an still can't replied to when after told sent on 7 Of May an now it's 26 of May still never receive deceptive .


I was also a victim of price gouging. Ashley furniture on Germantown Pkwy in Memphis, TN charged me $1099 for a queen size Hadelyn bed that is $595 on their website.

I didn't have my cell phone with me at the time do a price check before hand. I refuse to pay almost a 50% makeup so I am canceling my order.

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