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My 80 year old mother purchased $11,000.00 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture including a $450.00 warranty to cover the leather and wood. After 3 years her "leather" couch began peeling.

Huge sheets of the top layer of leather have come off so the couch looks like a bad rummage store piece. She went to the store to talk to them because she wears a hearing aid in one ear and has a cochlear implant in the other so talking on the phone is very difficult for her. She was told the store had been sold and the new owners were in Lubbock, Tx and she would have to call them. She called and was told they would investigate.

After several calls on her part and sitting on hold for extended lengths of time she was told because the store had sold she was out of luck they would not honor the warranty. At this point I got involved as I thought maybe with her hearing difficulties she had misunderstood. I called consumer affairs for Ashely Furmiture and was rudely told I could only deal with the Lubbock store. I tried to explain to the woman that Lubbock had told us to call them and she rudely told me that she could not help me in any way.

I then called the Lubbock store back and was told by Cynthia she would check on it and call me back the next day. After a week I tried to reach her but instead talked to Daniel who had spoken with my mother. He told me he would have to check on it ( wonder what he was doing during the 2 months between talking to my mother and talking to me??). He called me back the next day and informed me there was nothing Ashely would do nor would they honor the warranty.

He was unbelievably rude and was telling me I could pursue any means I wanted but Ashley was NOT going to do anything. I asked to talk to his supervisor and was transferred to Tammy. She also said she would have to check on it with her superiors and call me back. The next day I received a call from Ashley service department and was told they had contacted the previous owner and he said there was nothing they would do.

He said they would give my mother a discount if she wanted to go pick out a new living room set but they could tell me how much of a discount until she actually picked out the furniture. (As if she would buy one stick of anything from them ever again).

At this point I feel i need to explore a class action suit or perhaps a private lawsuit. This is fraud and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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If only there was a way for the people who posted here to come back & read about your desire for a class action suit ~ there certainly seems to be enough complainants here to do that. Maybe if you post here every week, the newer people would see it & could contact you......

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