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I purchased two recliners from Ashley furniture they were delivered to my garage in january due to remodeling room they were going into. When I brought them in a month later neither one would recline.

A separate company came out to look at chair and said frames were bent on both. Ashley is refusing to refund money. They said they have a policy of seven days to return defective merchandise.

Obviously they have extremely poor quality products since both were defective and compnay will only warranty them for 7 days. I am telling absolutely everone to never go to Ashley.

Review about: Ashley Furniture Warranty.

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:upset ha ha ha thanks to god your is save


dude get a life!! you prolly weigh 3 or 400 pounds,, you broke them and you know you did..

stop coming on here crying about it tryin to make your self feel better because your so large and i know for a fact that this company would not send out 2 broking chairs to your house and if it was the case why did'nt you ty them out befor hand??? everyone knows when you order things off line that you have at the min 7 day return!!! like i said at first you people just wanna make bad names for these people out here!!

dont you know these people have familys too and kids to feed??? STOP BEING A JACK OFF!!!

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