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I purchased a bedroom set for my mother on 2/28/12. Was told it would be delivered 3/8/12.

Received a call a couple of days before delivery and was told there were missing parts to bed so could deliver on 4/7/12. I called today 4/3 to make sure delivery was still on for Saturday and they told be parts are still missing and they would deliver 4/14 if the missing bedrails and footboard arrived. No garantee. Went to store and was told I could not cancel order but I could reselect for the same amount.

I know there is nothing else I like because I spent almost 3 hours choosing the bedroom set. I called corporate and argued for an hour without success. It is their policy that order must be cancelled within 48 hours after purchase. I was way after 48 hours when I was contacted about the first delay so I was already stuck.

The representative went back and forth between me and her supervisor. I told her to tell her supervisor that I would have liked to talk to him/her instead of having her go back and forth. She insisted it was their policy that I could not cancel. I asked her if they had a policy about customer satisfaction but she did not respond.

I asked if she could guarantee that I would get all my furniture on 4/14 but she stated no. I am so upset. I told her not to deliver because I would not take it. I went to another furniture store that could guarantee on time delivery.

I do not know if Ashley is going to do anything against me but I am ready to defend myself and get whoever I need to involved. I have a huge mouth so my friend, family and coworkers will all hear about my bad experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

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Angelica, I am the Customer Service Manager for Ashley Furniture Home Store. I would like to assist you with your troubles but I do not know how to reach you. Please send me an email.


I ordered a bed set on 3-18 and they said it would be delivered on 3-31. they called the day before and said when they would be there, which they were there on time.

they started putting the bed together and said there was a problem there were parts missing and the rails would not attach to the headboard.

they took the bed back and left the night stands. I was told I would get a call right back with what happen with the order. No call, My husband went down there and they said we did not order all the parts and that headboard would not work with that footboard.

not my fault the sales man should have known all that. its almost a week later and they still are not helping me. they said they ordered the bed right but would not give me proof and when we called corp they said they did not have record of the order and delivery and they did not even have record of the dresser that was suppose to be delivered on 4-10.

My husband is down there again right now. hope he comes home with some better news but dont have my hopes up.

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