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Oct 2009. Spent over 5,000.00.

Couch was delivered to my driveway. Driver said he had never just dropped furniture off in a driveway. On top of this is was snowing, wet and messy. Then when we got couch inside and unwrapped it, it had a huge cut down the front.

Looked like it was cut with a razor knife. About 3inchs deep. Driver said the manager of the store in Farmington, New Mexico told him that there was a delivery problem? They even called my son-n-law to deliver my couch to my house who had absolutely nothing to do with my couch and we had 10 minutes to find someone to help us move it from the wet nasty driveway.

People in Farmington or any other New Mexico Cities DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY'S FURNITURE! No one should be treated like this!!!!!!!!!!!

The manager of the store is the one who helped me so it was not a sales person. Go to American Furniture - There furniture is better quality anyway and they would of never gave us furniture that was cut!

Review about: Ashley Furniture Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I got to tell ya I recently bought furniture from Ashley's paid an extra 150.00 dollars to have delivered in my door told them I live in a second floor apartment they told me no problem when furniture got here they did not want to carry up the steps called corporate they told me they didn't have to let me tell ya I give them one *** of a cursing needless to say it was brought up stair's not a happy customer they do not stand buy there word or there product all they want is your money will never buy another thing from them get better service at wal-mart they totally suck.


I bought furniture from a store in Winnipeg, Manitoba in early December and two months later still do not have the furniture. The original bedroom set came in three weeks but it was defective.

The delivery people left it along with all their garbage and to date I have had nothing but a run around in getting this defective merchandise out of my home and getting new stuff. I tried to cancel the order and they were going to charge me a 25% restocking fee.

How is defective merchandise my fault? Would never buy anything from them again.


Bought about six thousand of furniture at Ashley/City Furniture in south Florida. One of the patio furniture high chairs broke and I fell about three feet to the ground on my back.

Missed the edge of a deck and a rock with my head by about three inches and fell onto a sidewalk light with a plastic spike on its end. It was close to a skewered ex-customer. Just missed being speared in the heart by the grace of God. I asked for a store credit to against the furniture set that had proven defective and dangerous.

They were only willing to send someone out for forty dollars up front to replace two bolts on a new base which is what broke. Some warranty. I asked them to give me the new base and I would replace the base. They would not do it and I refused to pay another forty dollars for a defective product, just to do it over and over for the rest of my life, which could only be till the next fall.




I purchased $13,000 worth of furniture from them in Oct 2008. I have had nothing but problems with the Simmons mattress and boxspring.

I have complainted to both Ashley's and Simmons and each one points the finger at the other. I spent $1500 on this mattress and am very unhappy with it, I had to have the boxspring replaced twice in such a short time.

If someone doesn't take ownership soon and take care of this issue I am going to sue both parties. Other than the mattress issue, I have not had any other problems with their furniture.


i know for a fact that the orange county stores have been bought out by stone ledge they run 5 ashley home stores


i bought furniture from them after 3 months it started to fall apart they gave me the run around and refuse to fix or replace it what happend to the 5 year warranty.I dont see how they can refuse to fix rplace or return my furnituir i have called several people and no one will help me even the bridget at corparate said i would be lucky if they send out some one wtf.


was her name chrtis, dont go to zebs resturant to eat, she works there now,they found bugs in there food ,the sevice is bad and they fired the best help they ever had,


I have never found furniture as good as MasterCraft and their will never be.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #112937

I am a furniture sales person and we do carry Ashley at our store. Since they have gotten so big too fast, opened their own Ashley stores, as well as the franchised ones, and then sell to the smaller stores as well they have "problems".We have an Ashley store-sells nothing but Ashley down the street from our store, we stock it, theirs takes 2 weeks or more, and our prices blow their stores out of the water.Wierd huh? Problem is all the *** comes from China and other countries, some assembled in the U.S., I sell the stuff,(which i do try to talk my customers out of-I have a conscience) but I would never own it in my own home!


First, I have to say I have absolutely no affiliation with Ashley except as a consumer of their products.

As for purchasing furniture generally, anyone who has walked into a furniture store--almost any furniture store--has probably experienced the high pressure and questionable sales tactics from the commissioned salespeople before. I'm not surprised there are countless complaints. In many ways shopping for furniture is worse than buying a car.

There will be reported problems with pretty much any brand of furniture--even the very expensive high-end brands--perhaps more so for the largest manufacturer of furniture in the country, at least in part because of their volume.

In researching problems w/ Ashley furniture, I learned that the retail stores--even the ones that carry the Ashley name--are dealer licensees, each one independently owned and operated, which means they're like car dealerships: the service and sales practices may vary widely between them. While the manufacturer is responsible for contracting with respectable partners; unfulfilled promises, deceptive sales practices, etc. are the actions of independent dealers. Even though I suppose it's ultimately their responsibility, I wouldn't blame Ford, Toyota, or Mercedes Benz directly for something the dealership did or did not do. I'd blame the dealer and go somewhere else in the future. Still, I recognize the manufacturer itself should probably address the plethora of complaints about their dealers. (Hopefully it still will, but I'm not holding my breath. Assuming it hasn't already been done repeatedly, perhaps a really pissed consumer should alert the management of the manufacturer as to what is being said about them, their products, and many of their specific dealers online.)

I also know Ashley pretty much makes the furniture as it's ordered, rather than keeping inventory around, which explains the 2-4wk wait for delivery from the time it's purchased. (Levitz used to both maintain inventory in huge warehouses and manufacture what was out of stock--which might help explain at least part of their demise.) Stains and cuts in the fabric on delivery, exposure to the elements, poor delivery practices/schedules, lack of communication/follow through, etc. sound like problems with the delivery drivers/dealers more than a problem with the manufacturer.

I don't know if this is always true, but I believe many pieces of Ashley furniture are actually delivered to the dealer in cardboard, and the dealer removes the cardboard to make it easier to fit. In future I'd request the dealer deliver the pieces in their original cardboard crates to reduce shipping damage and have the cardboard and plastic removed by the delivery driver when it arrives. I imagine there are differences, but in my experience, drivers have always moved the furniture where I wanted it and set it up. This has been true of Ashley, Levitz, and others. I inspect the furniture both when unwrapped and after setup, and I tip them accordingly. It sounds like many people didn't get this level of delivery service from their dealers.

As for the furniture itself, we have a living room full of Ashley furniture that has withstood several years of use and still looks great and performs admirably. That is not to say the quality problems, manufacturing defects, and lack of support after the sale reported here by others is illegitimate or even unusual; I have no way of knowing. It's possible I'll sit on my couch after submitting these comments, and it'll fall apart--although I hope not.

I just wanted to mention that there is at least one family (we're in California) that is pleased both with its experience of the purchase of Ashley furniture and the furniture itself. It looks great, was reasonably priced, and has exceeded our expectations.



Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #105897

If you pay for your purchases with a credit card,you have recourse.You can dispute the charges if you are noty satisfied with your purchas.In most cases,the credit card co. will side with the consumer.


To tell you the truth a couch is a couch most couches have polyfill so it is going to break down and no polyfill has the properties that remain that way forever. I should know I rebuild couches especially Ashley so if you want to argue pick a better complaint than the pillows collapsing, Cause its going to happen whether you like it or not.

Cause just sitting on it NORMALLY is going to break the polyfill's tendency to remain firm.

Thats why you have to buy new pillows every year or so. to me your just griping.

TO oldhighdesertlady


Ihave a whole housefull of Ashley's Furniture and it's all "GREAT". I have it three years now and everything is perfect.

Never had a problem. Henderson, NV.


I have bought a few items from them, and everything fell apart within 2 yrs. pay a little more and buy better quality.


See, you're talking about Farmington, NM. This town is a backwards, "Christian" yahoo town, with an antiquated good ole boy mentality.

This dump should be razed to the ground.

Before we bomb the Middle East into the stone age, America should nuke New Mexico. Inbred retard country, and cash-poor cesspool.


I purchased a hide-a-bed made by Ashley, was supposed to be exactly like one I had owned 10-yrs prior. They delivered it, it was a piece of junk made out of some material that easily gets soiled plus my cat sits on the back of the couch and the stuffing does not hold.

They should not be allowed to sell their stuff anywhere and they just opened a brand new store up here in the high desert. "Buyers, beware"


We bought through one of our local stores her in pueblo but it was Ashley furniture whom they bought their furniture from. The recliner love seat took 4 months to get here and when it finally got here, it was broken in half and we couldnt get our money back LAME


Grapevine, Texas 12-11-09. We went to look at a entryway cabinet we saw online.

(no prices online because they want you to come to the store so said the first sales rep) They did not have it on the floor but we were informed that Everything they sell has to be ordered and it takes 2 weeks to deliver. We finially were told the price would be 25% off four days from now but they would give us the sale price if we purchased tonight. We discussed the delivery which then pushed back to mid January so we asked and finally had the Mgr agree to refund our $$$ if the piece was not in in four weeks. The saleslady began to write it up and when we looked at the order there was a $90 charge for "Premier Service" (hah) and she explained that if the piece ever was scratched or damaged that they would send someone to repair or replace it free And if we did not use it in 5 years, we got the $90 back.

(Does this sound crazy to anyone else?) I say the invoice go from $316 to $406 and I told her I was not interested in any "Premier Protection" and asked her to remove it. She, without hesitation told us that we could not have the sale price without the protection plan. Needless to say we walked out of there and I suggest no one else ever walk in that place.

I will be FaceBooking about ths and I have already sent a full transcript to the Attorney Gererals office. They also have an absolute No Return policy so do your self a favor, shop somewhere that cares about your business the 2nd and 3rd time too.


We too bought a sofa, loveseat, and a recliner from Ashley. The loveseat came to my house with a 6 inch slit in the back.

They looked at it and said that we did it ourselves - like THAT makes sense!!

Bottom line: they would not give us a new loveseat nor repair it for us. All they did was send us a back panel and we were to get it done on our own.

It didn't matter to them that we would never be back as customers and that we would tell everyone we know about their lack of customer service.

Please save yourself the headache of dealing with these crooks.

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