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My new love seat was delivered with a tear in it and Ashley Furniture wants to repair it and I refused at the time of delivery and requested they put it back on the truck. I was told that they will replace it, but customer service has to contact me first and they will put the order in to replace it then.

I was told by Emily (CSM) that I should have read the policy. I would follow policy if it had happen by me or after the delivery.

I refuse a new repaired piece of furniture.

I will not except a repaired piece of furniture that I did not cause the damage to, it was brand new and I paid a brand new price for it and now I am being told it's policy. Pam C.

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This SAME thing happened to me with Haverty's. I bought two new barstools.

One had an obvious crack in the arm area and I noticed the crack as soon as the delivery guy brough it inside. The delivery guy called Haverty's and at first they told me to keep the damaged barstool until a new one could be sent. Then Haverty's called and a representative informed me that they will send someone to my house to repair the barstool. Ok, I paid for a new one.

I want a replacement, not a patched up job on something that I personally did not damage. I guess that is the policy everywhere, but it stinks!

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