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Iordered a computer desk from the Ocala. Fl, Silversprings Sept 1.

2007. Delivery came Nov. 4 but the base was broken so they didn't even bring it from the wharehouse. I was told there would be a rush order put on it and I would have it within a week or two.

It is now Jan 4. 2008 and no furniture. I have called the store many times only to be told it should be on the next truck. I have asked to speak with the manager no matter what day I call, it is always his "day off"!!!!!

The staff says there is no way to check on the status of my


If I don't hear from someone I am filing a law suit and calling Fox TV for a report done on Ashley Furniture. I have never not been told the exact day of delivery at the time of purchase anywhere else!

Review about: Ashley Furniture Manager.

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Mariposa, California, United States #2761

I have recently purchased a sofa from Ashley furniture and had it delivered on time (i got lucky). That being said, I have worked at a couple of furniture stores in the past (one being Ashley) and I'll tell ya that the problems aren't just with Ashley.

Notice that Levitz is going out of business now. They pretty much all suck and have problems. The salespeople have no control over delays in your furniture, but you should try to get them to be honest with you with the time it may take to get your stuff (before you buy). However, what ever happens most of these places have horrible "customer service departments" that you have to call to check on your order.

I guess my point of all of this is that many furniture places seems to have problems, damaged or delayed furniture and are very difficult to deal with. Be careful and buy with your credit card so you have some protection.

Good Luck. :zzz


I totally agree!! I have never seen a business have delivery issues like this.

How can they NOT guarantee their own delivery??? Very bad business. I will be filing suit myself.

My attorney told me on Friday you can file for mental anguish :x which is also what this is!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM ASHLEYS

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