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On December 5th 2015 Ashley Furniture delivered furniture to my home. They arrived at almost 9pm. I was originally told they would be there early in the day. I can't recall the exact window. So I sat all day waiting. Got a call at 1pm the truck had broke down and they weren't sure they would even make it. So I am like well I am not about to waste my whole Saturday sitting here not knowing if they will even show. So I called customer care who advised they will be en-route and should arrive no later than 6pm. Finally at almost 9pm they arrive.

It was pouring rain out and they didn't even put on shoe coverings. that was only the start of the rest that happened. They forced thier way up my stairs after me asking if the legs could come off to creat a little extra room as well as not scratch my walls. They said yes they do but that they are fine. I purchased a sectional and an entertainment center. The sectional came up in 4 sections each time scratching my walls, denting my walls and hand rails. The entertainment center was missing a shelf. The delivery guy noted the missing shelf but not all the home damage.

I received an emailed survey the next morning and right away responded with my concerns. Not one call back did I get or response. I also went into the local store that next day as well. They were not much help at all. Apparently everything after purchasing goes through customer care in Texas. So good luck ever reaching them. The manager in the store took my complaint on December 6th and I emailed her the pictures of the damage. She said with home damage I will get a call in 24-48hours. 4 days later I had to call. Customer care had nothing on file that I had even opened a claim. So once again I had to explain ecerything to the gal on the phone, email her the pictures and "open a claim" she said I would hear from someone in 14days. What a surprise..... 14 days came and went and I heard nothing. So once again I call. Now at this point I am told I need to take my time and get estimates and email them the estimates. Keep in mind through all this I also am still missing my shelf to the entertainment center. Because the delivery man noted it I assumed they would be contacting me on this. No way.. LOL Why would they. So now I am pissed. Here we are now a month into all this. Mind you also My home was just built. This is a brand new home with now damaged walls and handrails. Oh and lets not forget the mopping and vacuuming I had to so after they left.

So now here I go to the store. Complaining about why I have to take my time to get estimates...... ??? That is time off work to meet with contractors etc... But if I want my home fixed that's what I am told I had to do. While at the store she looked into where my shelf was. Finally 2 moths later I got my shelf.

I have submitted my 2 estimates for repairs with pictures once again. They seem to love to lose the pictures. Maybe in hopes I'll lose mine and there then won't be proof.?? "Now here I sit 4 months from delivery and no one will get back to me regarding the estimates.

Not to mention I now need to open a claim for my couch that is falling apart already. I am dreading this as I can only imagine how log that will be for them to come repair it. I am beyond disappointed. Not once have I been offered money back, Money for my time and troubles or even just common good customer service and follow up. Ridiculous!!!!

I see below they ask to support this claim with pictures/videos, receipts, screen shots etc... Whatever... They have them not to mention pictures are all on USB drive at home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Repair my home or give me full refund so I can repair my home.

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